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Beauty without blooms, ferns thrive in places where other plants cannot, provide solutions to difficult areas, divide or frame areas with their graceful fronds, and add charm and elegance to deep shade gardens. Low maintenance and undemanding, use as specimens or en masse in naturalistic settings.

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         pedatum  30cm. Deciduous. Native. Delicate lacy foliage. Shade. Moist rich soil. H: 12".  

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         filix-femina 'Frizelliae' 50cm. Strange, narrow, twisted fronds are almost semi-circular. Very distinct.  

         nipponicum 'Burgundy Lace' 35cm. Intense burgundy and silver foliage. Shade to part-shade. H: 14".  

         nipponicum 'Pictum' 30cm. The most exotic, yet easy to grow fern. It literally lights up a dark garden. Fronds have a metallic grey sheen and medium fine texture. Shade or sun. Tolerates a fairly dry soil. H: 12".  

         nipponicum 'Ursula's Red' 60cm. Very intense red highlights that develop with maturity. Shade or sun. Tolerates a fairly dry soil. H: 24".  

         X 'Ghost' 75cm. Stunning, silver-white fronds stand tall and broad. Shade or sun. Tolerates a fairly dry soil. H: 30".  

         X 'Wildwood Twist' 30cm. Smokey-grey and green fronds twist as they ascend. Definitely an interesting fern for a shady spot. Sun or shade. Rich soil. H: 12".  

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         marginalis  50cm. Native. Slowly forms clump of bluish-green fronds. Evergreen. {New}

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         pensylvanica  100cm. Fast-growing, native fern. Colonizes large areas through underground runners. Shade or sun. 40" X 40".  

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         acrostichoides  35cm. Christmas Fern. Compact clump of evergreen leaves that is effective in the shade garden. Drought tolerant when established. H: 14".  

         polyblepharum  45cm. Japanese Tassel Fern. Wide spreading, glossy, dark green fronds emerge with a tassel-like appearance.  

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