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Grasses provide you with handsome foliage, striking form, attractive textures and architectural interest, changing shape and colour in each season. They put on a particularly spectacular show in the fall with graceful, arching plumes that last into the winter, favoured by the birds. Both cool and warm season grasses are available.

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         acutifolia 'Avalanche' 120cm. Sport of Karl Foerster with wide, white band down center of each silvery-tan-coloured leaf blade. Cool season grass. Full sun. H: 47".  

         acutifolia 'Eldorado' 160cm. Upright, clump-forming grass has a bright gold variegation down the center of each leaf blade. Feathery plumes bloom in early summer and last all season. Cool season grass. Sun or part-shade. H: 4-5'.  

         acutifolia 'Karl Foerster' 120cm. Tan. Very useful grass for vertical accent. Early to grow and to flower. Cool season grass. H: 47".  

         brachytricha  100cm. Clump-forming, warm season grass with bright green leaves reaching about 2 feet. Pink-tinted plumes emerge in late summer and reach 3-4 feet. A graceful addition to the shade or part-shade garden! {New}

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         glauca 'Blue Zinger' 20cm. Steel blue foliage. Excellent groundcover. Fast growing  with a dense clump-forming. Near evergreen. H: 8".  

         grayii  60cm. Morning Star Sedge. Native. Evergreen foliage with sputnik-looking, spiky seed pods in summer.  A conversation piece. H: 24".  

         morrowii 'Ice Dance' 45cm. Wide, stiff, dark green blades with white margins. Neat clump-forming. Moist soil. H: 18".  

         muskingumensis  50cm. A rather large, fine textured, clump-forming plant. They look great by the water's edge or in large groups. Native. H: 20".  

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         latifolium 'River Mist' 85cm. Striking variegation of green and white; forms a graceful clump. The large showy clusters of oat-like seed heads appear in August. Full sun, moist soil. Very slow to establish. H: 30-36".  

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         caespitosa  60cm. Medium, fine textured leaves form a perfect upright mound with graceful, airy flower stalks that appear in early summer and remain effective til fall. Use as a specimen or massed. Sun or partial shade.  

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         cinerea 'Blaufuchs' 20cm. "Blue Fox". Compact, dense mound with silvery-blue leaves. H: 6"-8".  

         glauca 'Elijah Blue' 25cm. Soft powder blue foliage forms a neat clump. Maintains good colour during summer. Full sun, any soil. H: 10".  

         X 'Beyond Blue' 25cm. This selection forms a dense tuft of bluer-than-blue leaves that remain blue all season. H: 10-12". {New}

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         macra 'Albo-striata' 30cm. Bright yellow leaves with narrow green stripes. Grow in shade or sun in a rich, moist, well-drained soil.  Brightens the shade garden. Slow growing. H: 12".  

         macra 'Aureola' 30cm. Forest grass with graceful, narrow leaves striped with bright yellow and green, cascading foliage.  Slower to establish.  Shade or sun. Prefers a rich, moist soil. H: 12".  

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         sempervirens  70cm. Beige. Cool season, clump-forming, with stiff blue foliage. F: May-June. H: 28".  

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         floridulus  300cm. Tan. One of the most admired when it flowers at Kiwi.  Slowly spreads to form a solid and stately clump. Stalks remain upright through the winter. Tolerates shade. H: 10'.  

         sinensis 'Adagio' 120cm. Pinkish white. Compact habit. Narrow, green leaves with pronounced white midrib. Sun. H: 48".  

         sinensis 'Autumn Light' 175cm. Creamy white plumes. A vigorous, non-spreading variety. Will tolerate partial shade. Rich, moist soil. H: 69".  

         sinensis 'Dixieland' 130cm. A shorter version of the M. variegata. Plants are compact, sturdy and self supporting. Soft-pink plumes appear in early fall. Sun. H: 4-5 feet. {New}

         sinensis 'Giganticeus' 250cm. One of the largest, useful for screening. Later flowering, with blooms in mid-September. H: 8'. {New}

         sinensis 'Gold Breeze' 150cm. Apple-green with gold horizontal banding. Similar to M. 'Goldbar' but brighter, taller, and more vigorous. H: 5-6'. Sun.  

         sinensis 'Gracillimus' 120cm. The best fine-textured grass with long, arching, narrow green leaves. Short and compact. Late-flowering. Does not flower reliably for us. Sun. H: 48".  

         sinensis 'Little Kitten' 75cm. Forms a tiny mound of narrow, green foliage topped with plumes in summer and fall.  Creamy white blooms. Sun. H: 30".  

         sinensis 'Little Zebra' 75cm. Tidy, compact mound. Horizontal, yellow banding and wine-purple plumes. Sun. H: 30-36".  

         sinensis 'Malepartus' 150cm. Medium, fine-textured, green blades. Purplish plumes are thick and thread-like. One of the showiest. Sun. H: 60".  

         sinensis 'Morning Light' 150cm. The hardiest and best variegated Miscanthus for our area. The leaf blades are very narrow with a thin band of white on the margins. Stunning specimen. Does not usually flower. H: 60". Sun.  

         sinensis 'Puenktchen' 120cm. (aka Little Dot). Upright clumps of dark green blades, horizontally striped with gold. Similar to, but hardier than, 'Zebrinus'. H: 48".  

         sinensis 'Purpurescens' 100cm. The best flowering variety. Strong, upright stems produce large, showy spikes of rose flowers in early August. Plants turn a brilliant flame-orange after frost. A must. Sun. F: August. H: 40".  

         sinensis 'Silberspinne' 150cm. Variegated Silver Arrow Grass. 2 cm wide leaves with broad, white, lengthwise stripes. Fluffy, white flowers. H: 5-6 feet.  

         sinensis 'Variegata' 120cm. A Kiwi favourite. Striking from a distance. Medium-textured leaves have a broad, white band and form a majestic showy clump.  Does not usually flower for us. Sun. H: 48".  

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         caerula 'Skyracer' 200cm. Dense clumps of tall foliage erupt in fall with heavy stalks of fine-textured flowers that turn a bright golden yellow. Good for attracting birds. Sun. H: 78".  

         caerula 'Transparent' 180cm. Foliage remains less than 2' tall. Very light, airy heads emerge on 6 foot stems in late summer. The whole plant matures in autumn to a wonderful straw yellow. Sun.  

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         virgatum 'Heavy Metal' 150cm. A very effective grass, with its tall, metallic-blue leaves. Delicate flower heads are effective until late fall. Sun. F: July-Sept. H: 60".  

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         alopecuroides 'Hameln' 70cm. Showy, soft arching bottle brush flower spikes cover the plants in late summer. Very graceful. Sun. F: August-December. H: 28".  

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         scoparium 'The Blues' 90cm. (Andropogon) Bright grey-blue foliage is effective all season long. Fluffy, silver seed heads in late summer. Full sun, part-shade. H: 36".  

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