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Striking, low maintenance shade plants with cultivars ranging from miniature to giant, in a variety of different shades of blues, greens and yellows. Flowers are attractive lily shaped flowers on tall spikes.

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         'Abba Dabba Doo' 60cm. Specimen. Long rippled leaves with green centres and wide, gold margins. Sun tolerant.  Lavender flowers. H: 24".  

         'Abby' 30cm. Small, compact green leaves with a yellow margin. Lavender flower. 12" X 20".  

         'Allan P. McConnel' 20cm. Edger. Compact, rapid growers with green leaves and white margin. H: 8".  

         'American Choo-Choo' 55cm. Specimen. Mound: 22'' X 40''. Leaves are 14'' long X 10'' wide; green-centered with a heavily rippled, 3'' wide, gold margin and good substance. Pale lavender flowers.  

         'American Sweetheart' 40cm. Medium. Mound: 16" X 24". Leaves have white centers with very wide, green margins. Lavender flowers.  

         'Aristocrat' 30cm. Medium. Mound: 12" X 16". Leaves are lightly corrugated, heart-shaped, and powder-blue with wide, creamy-yellow margins. Margins lighten to cream or white as the season progresses. Pale lavender flowers.  

         'Aureo-Marginata' mon. 50cm. Specimen. Mound: 24" X 30". Large green leaves have an irregular gold band. Slow-growing but very impressive with age.  Pale lavender flowers in early summer.  

         'Avocado' 60cm. Specimen. Mound: 24" X 36". Leaves are oval to heart-shaped with a chartreuse-turning-yellow center and a wide, medium green margin. The leaves are slightly shiny.

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         'Bix Blues' 40cm. Specimen. Mound: 18" X 36". Very blue, oval-shaped leaves with good substance. Measure 20 X 15 cm.  Near white flowers.  

         'Blue Angel' 90cm. Specimen. Mound: 36 X 48". Large, heavily-textured blue leaves. White flowers in August.  

         'Blue Ivory' 40cm. Medium. Mound: 16" X 24". Very blue centers with very wide, creamy white margins, excellent substance and pest resistance. Sport of H. 'Halcyon'  

         'Blue Mouse Ears' 20cm. Small, cupped, low, tight mound with a very attractive lavender flower display. Bluish-green leaves are 2.5" long by 2.25" wide and nearly round in shape. Very thick substance. H: 8".  

         'Blue Wedgewood' 35cm. Ground cover or edger. Wedge-shaped leaves are a nice grey-blue with thick substance offering good slug resistance. Slow to establish. Lavender flowers in July. Tolerates partial sun. H: 14".  

         'Brutus' 75cm. Giant. Mound: 30'' X 50''. Upright leaves measure 16'' X 12''.  Shiny, dark green leaves are heavily rippled, downwardly cupped, and have good substance. Pale purple flowers on 24" scapes.  

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         'Center of Attention' 25cm. Medium. Mound: 10" X 18". Slightly cupped, thick, glossy leaves have golden yellow to ivory centers with wide margins of dark olive green. Nice streaking towards centers.

         'Chain Lightning' 40cm. Medium.  Mound: 16" X 24". Leaves are 8" X 5", dark green with a creamy white center, and have good substance. Lavender flowers.  

         'Colour Glory' 75cm. Specimen. Bluish leaves with irregular yellowish centre streaks. Similar to Great Expectations. White flowers. H: 10".  

         'Cracker Crumbs' 13cm. Miniature. Mound: 5" X 15". A dwarf, dense, rounded mound with gold-centered leaves and a 1/2" green margin. Leaves are 3" X 2.5". Fast grower. Part sun tolerant.  

         'Curly Fries' 25cm. Small. Mound: 11'' X 16''. Heavily rippled, bright gold leaves measure 7'' X  1 1/2''. Great container plant. Purple flowers on 24" scapes in August. 2015 Hosta of the year.  

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         'Deep Blue Sea' 50cm. Specimen. Mound: 21'' X 48''.  Leaves are  10 1/2'' X 8 3/4'', deep blue-green, heavily corrugated, and deeply cupped with a  thick substance. Pale lavender flowers.  

         'Diamond Necklace' 25cm. Medium. Mound: 10'' X 18''. Leaves are 4 1/2'' X 2 3/4" and are white-centered with a 1/2'' wide, dark green margin. Purple flowers.  

         'Dinner Mint' 18cm. Small. Mound: 7'' X 12'' with a dense habit. Slightly rippled and wavy leaves measure 3'' X 3'' and have bright yellow centers with dark green margins. Purple flowers.  

         'Dixie Chicks' 15cm. Dwarf. Mound: 6" X 14". Small, thick, glossy green foliage surrounded by a nice creamy white margin. As the plant matures and the season progresses, the white edges become even wider. Large lavender flowers on 12" scapes.  

         'Dream Queen' 45cm. Specimen. Mound: 18" X 40". Boldly variegated, puckered, heart-shaped leaves have wide blue-green margins and creamy yellow centers. Fast grower with good sun tolerance.

         'Dream Weaver' 55cm. Mound: 20" X 24". Sport of 'Great Expectations' with a wider blue-green border which allows for more vigour. Lavender flowers.  

         'Drinking Gourd' 46cm. Specimen. Mound: 12" X 18". Blue-green leaves are rounded, rippled, cupped and held upright. Heavy substance.  White flowers.  

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         'Earth Angel' 60cm. Specimen. Mound: 24" X 36". Large, heart-shaped, blue-green leaves with wide, creamy-white margins emerge creamy yellow in the spring. Selected as a Designer Hosta. Pale lavender flowers.  

         'Eenie Weenie Bikini' 10cm. Miniature. Mound: 4" X 6". Creamy yellow-turning-white center with wavy, green margin.  

         'El Nino' 30cm. Mound: 12" X 12". Sport of 'Halcyon' with wide white border and wavy textured edges that contrast the blue foliage. Lavender flowers.  

         'Elegans' 80cm. Specimen. Classic, large, powdery-blue leaves are heavily corrugated. Forms an enormous clump with time. Still one of the best blue-leaved specimens. White flowers in July. H: 32".  

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         'Fashionista' 35cm. Medium. Mound: 14'' X 30''. Leaves are 7'' X 5" with 1/4'' wide red petioles and white margins which contrast the gold to chartreuse centers. Purple flowers on 24" crimson red scapes.  

         'Fire and Ice' 25cm. Specimen.  Mound:  8" X 12". Extremely flashy Hosta with dark green leaves and white centres. Reversed sport of 'Patriot'.  Protect from full sun. Lavender flowers.  

         'Firn Line' 30cm. Medium. Mound: 12" X 24".  Blue, heart-shaped leaves with wide white margin. The margin starts yellowish in spring but quickly turns pure white. Lavender flowers.  

         'First Frost' 40cm. Medium. Mound: 16" X 24". Foliage colors change from a combination of blue (center) with gold (margin) to dark green & creamy white. Purple flowers.  

         'Forbidden Fruit' 40cm. Medium. Stunning tetraploid form of H. 'Orange Marmalade'. Thick leaves have glowing yellow-orange centers set off by a wide blue-green border. Vigorous grower. Lavender flowers. {New}

         'Frances Williams' 80cm. Specimen. Mound:  30" X 36". Selected as the overall best Hosta by the Hosta society. Large, round, puckered leaves with a broad yellow margin and a blue-green centre. Pale lavender flowers in July. Sun tolerant.  

         'Frosted Mouse Ears' 18cm. Miniature. Round, blue-green leaves are surrounded by a wide creamy white border. Eventually produces a 7" X 12" clump, topped in early summer with short spikes of lavender flowers. Hummingbird-friendly.  

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         'Gemstone' 17cm. Small. Mound: 7'' X 18''. Blue-green, oval-shaped leaves measure 4'' X 3 1/2" and have a smooth texture with good substance. Pale purple flowers.   

         'Ghost Spirit' 45cm. Medium. Mound: 12" X 20". Leaves have blue-green edges and irregular, pure white centers. They first appear greenish but slowly more white shows up. Variegation reverts back and forth from year to year and within the same year. Lavender flowers.  

        'Giantland Mouse Cheese' 10cm. Miniature. Mound: 4'' X 12''. Leaves measure 2 3/4'' X  2 1/2', and are medium to bright gold with a smooth texture with good substance. Pale purple flowers produced on 10'' scapes. July.  

         'Grape Fizz' 35cm. Medium. Mound: 14'' X 30''. Light green leaves are 12'' X  9''. Fragrant, purple flowers open on 30'', slightly wavy scapes from mid-July into August.  

         'Great Arrival' 50cm. Specimen. Mound: 20" X 42". Rounded and slightly cupped leaves are deeply corrugated, blue-green with a yellow-turning-creamy-yellow margin. Makes a nice sized mound when mature. Near white flowers.  

         'Great Expectations' 55cm. Specimen. Mound: 24" X 40". A unique, very showy Hosta. Creamy yellow leaves, with a wide, blue-green margin. Attractive white flowers. Slow to establish.  

         'Guardian Angel' 60cm. Specimen. Heart-shaped leaves feature a distinct point which emerges with a misted, white and green center and a blue to blue-green margin. White flowers.  

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         'Halcyon' 50cm. Edger. Medium-sized, chalky-blue leaves. One of the best blues we have. Slow grower. Violet flowers. H: 20".  

         'Hands Up' 30cm. Small. Mound: 12" X 14". Very thick, waxy, upright dark green leaves with a good  yellow margin. Tetraploid sport of 'Praying Hands'. {New}

         'Hanky Panky' 35cm. Mound: 12 X 20". This unusual hosta starts out with a green center and a cream-misted green margin separated by a creamy white strip, and reverses by fall to a creamy yellow center and greenish margin with a creamy white strip.  

         'Hideout' 15cm. Miniature. Mound: 6'' X 12''. Measuring 4 1/2'' X 2 1/2'', wavy blades are lance-shaped and white-centered with a narrow green margin and thin substance. Pale purple flowers.  

         'Holy Mouse Ears' 15cm. Miniature. Mound:  6" X 10". Cream centered sport of 'Royal Mouse Ears'. Thick, white leaves are rounded and cupped, with uneven blue-green margins. Light purple flowers appear on short scapes in mid-summer.

         'Hope' 15cm. Miniature. Mound: 6" X 10". Rapid grower. Tiny, blue-green leaves with creamy yellow margins, topped with bell-shaped purple flowers.  

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         'Itsy Bitsy Spider' 6cm. Miniature. Mound: 2 1/2" X 6". Dark green leaves measure 1 3/4" X 1 1/4".  Pale lavender flowers on short scapes in July. Considered one of the best miniatures. Lavender flowers.  

         'Ivory coast' 65cm. Specimen. Mound: 26'' X 48''. Open habit. Leaves measure 10 3/4'' X 9 3/8'' with wide, creamy white margins (1-2''), bluish to dark green centers, and thick substance. Lavender flowers.  

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         'Jabulani' 45cm. Specimen. Mound: 18" X 32". Name means "rejoice" in the Zulu language. Rounded, corrugated leaves are 9" X 7",  gold-centred, with a 1/2" wide, green margin with thick substance. Near white flowers.  

         'Janet' 35cm. Medium. Mound: 14" X 24". Small and very striking, light chartreuse and cream leaves are bordered dark green. The centre goes white as the season progresses. Requires shade; slow grower. Lavender flowers.  

         'Jewel of the Nile' 56cm. Specimen. Mound: 22" X 36". Forms a large, upright mound of shiny, bright blue leaves that are edged with a wide, irregular, gold border. Near white flowers. This plant has excellent substance and is sun tolerant.  

         'June' 30cm. Medium.  A very distinct Hosta; one of our favourites. Blue leaves with creamy centres that change to dark chartreuse depending on amount of light.  Lavender flowers. H: 12".  

         'June Fever' 20cm. Medium-small. Mound: 8" X 16". Emerges with a bright yellow leaf center (which becomes orangeish), surrounded by a thin, blue-green border. Centres change to chartreuse by midsummer. Lavender flowers.

         'Justine' 30cm. Medium-small. Mound: 12'' X 22''. Leaves are 6'' long by 4 1/2'' wide with bright gold centres and narrow, dark green margins. Very thick substance. Pale lavender flowers.  

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         'Kabitan' 20cm. Small. Mound: 18" X 12". Narrow, wavy, dark-green leaves with iridescent yellow centres that lighten later in the season. Dark purple flowers.  

         'Katie Q' 45cm. Medium. Slightly wavy leaves are 7" X 4" wide with dark green centers and 1/2" wide, gold margins. Medium to fast grower. H: 18".  

         'Krossa Regal' 70cm. Specimen. Mound: 27" X 24". Vase-shaped with upright, frosted blue leaves. Very slug resistant. Lavender-blue flower stalks can be 4 feet tall. Tolerates sun.  

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         'Lakeside Baby Face' 20cm. Medium-small. Mound: 8" X 18". Slightly wavy leaves are 3" X 2 1/2" wide with medium to dark green center and 1/4" wide, creamy yellow to white margin. Pale purple flowers.  

         'Lakeside Beach Captain' 50cm. Medium-large. The blue-green leaves have a creamy yellow center with a heavy substance. White flowers. H: 20".

         'Lakeside Cha Cha' 45cm. Medium. Leaves are light green with a creamy white margin. H: 18".  

         'Lakeside Cupcake' 35cm. Small. In spring, the leaves have blue-green margins and gold centers; by summer, the margins brighten to blue and the center turns creamy white. Lavender flowers on 12" scapes. H: 15".

         'Lakeside Down Sized' 15cm. Small. Mound: 6" X 14". Yellow foliage with a rippled, creamy white margin. Pale purple flowers.  

         'Lakeside Dragonfly' 35cm. Medium. Mound: 14" X 32". The wavy leaves are long-pointed with white margins, measuring 6" X 3". Lavender flowers.  

         'Lakeside Love Affair' 45cm. Medium. White-centered leaves with wide, dark-green margins are slightly wavy and smooth textured. H: 18".  

         'Lakeside Painsley Print' 20cm. Medium. Mound: 10" X 20". The stunning, green leaves have wavy edges and fantastic cream variegation that jets up the petioles and into the center. Unique. Lavender flowers.  

         'Lemon Frost' 25cm. Small. Mound: 10" X 18". Flat mound of bright gold, feathery foliage with a clean white margin. Sport of H. 'Lemon Lime'. Vigorous grower. Lavender flowers.  

         'Lemon Lime' 15cm. Miniature edger. Mound: 6" X 12". Small, narrow-leaved, chartreuse sport that holds its colour well. Lavender flowers in July. Best planted in groups. Tolerates some sun.  

         'Liberty' 30cm. Specimen. Mound: 12" X 16". Thick and large, central, green leaves with creamy-white margins. Slow-growing.  

         'Limey Lisa' 10cm. Miniature. Mound: 4" X 12". Lavender flowers are profuse. Emerges light green and turns a brighter lime green as the season progresses. Fast grower.  

         'Little Sunspot' 15cm. Small. Mound: 6" x 12". Variegated, heart-shaped, basal leaves with yellow centers and green margins. Slug resistant. White-tinged, pale lavender flowers.

         'Little Treasure' 15cm. Miniature. Mound: 6'' X 12''. Wide leaves measure 4 1/2'' X 2 1/8'' with blue-green to dark green margin and creamy white centres. Leaf blades are twisted, widening somewhat with maturity. Good substance. Pale purple flowers.  

         'Little Wonder' 22cm. Medium. Mound: 9" X 20". Dense mound of medium green leaves with a cream margin. Rapid grower. Lavender flowers.  

         'Love Pat' 55cm. Specimen. Mound: 20" X 24". Beautiful, intense blue, cup-shaped leaves are very puckered. Slow growing. Slug resistant. Pale lavender flowers in late summer.  

         'Lucky Mouse Ears' 15cm. Miniature. Mound: 6" X 10". Leaves have blue-green to dark green centers with wide margins that transition from yellow to creamy white as the season progresses. Attractive pale lavender flowers on short compact scapes. {New}

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         'Majesty' 45cm. Specimen. Mound: 18" X 36". A shorter version of H. Sagae with a creamy yellow margin that is 2-3 times wider than the original. Margins change to white. Lavender flowers.  

         'Marilyn Monroe' 30cm. Medium. Mound: 12" X 20". The elongated, heart-shaped leaves are accented by a beautiful, ruffled edge. Lavender flowers on reddish petioles. Good substance.  

         'Moonstruck' 25cm. Medium-small. Mound: 10'' X 20''. Dense habit. Leaves are 6'' long X 4'' wide with centers that start yellow before turning white. Blades are narrowly ovate-shaped and slightly cupped with 1'' wide, dark green margins. Lavender flowers.  

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         'Olive Bailey Langdon' 60cm. Specimen. Mound: 8" X 40". Large leaves with gold margins and blue green centres are thick and corrugated. Near white flowers. Sun tolerant. Sport of Frances Williams.  

         'Orange Marmalade' 70cm. Specimen. Mound: 28" X 36". Sport of Paul's Glory. Near-orange leaves with dark green margins in spring. Leaves emerge a bright, golden yellow with tangerine accents before centers quickly turn to yellow and fade to pure white. Pale lavender flowers.  

         'Orion's Belt' 45cm. Specimen. Mound: 18" X 36". Leaves are 8" X 5" and shiny with a 1/2", creamy white margin. Striking appearance. Lavender flowers.

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         'Pandora's Box' 4cm. Dwarf. Smallest variegated Hosta. Blue-green leaves with creamy white centres are the size of a quarter. Tiny, lavender flowers. H: 1.5".  

         'Paradise Island' 35cm. Small-medium. Mound: 14" X 20". This is a spectacular hosta in early spring, with glowing yellow leaves bordered in green. Rich purple petioles. Leaves  become chartreuse in summer. Lavender flowers. Sport of  'Fire Island'.  

         'Paul's Glory' 45cm. Specimen. A Kiwi favourite! Gold, heart-shaped, corrugated leaves are bordered by a blue-streaked margin. Spectacular when mature. Pale lavender flowers. H: 18".  

         'Peanut' 15cm. Small. Striking small mound of white-centered, heavily corrugated foliage with a sharp contrast between the leaf center and margin. Leaves are 4" long by 2 3/4" wide. Purple flowers. 6x14"  

         'Pie a la Mode' 50cm. Specimen. Mound: 20'' X 36''. Leaves are 10'' X 8'' with 3/4'' wide margins that emerge yellowish and change to white. Medium to dark green centers on oval-shaped blades.  

'Praying Hands' 45cm. Medium. Mound: 18" X 24". Unique hosta forms clumps of upright-facing foliage. Narrow, upright leaves remain curled and have a thin, creamy edge on the wavy margins. Pale lavender flowers.

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         'Rainbow's End' 25cm. Medium-small. Mound: 11" X 20". Smooth, shiny, oval leaves have a medium to dark green margin with a yellow to creamy white center. Leaves measure 6" X 4" wide. Pale lavender flowers.  

         'Rainforest Sunrise' 25cm. Medium-small. Mound: 10" X 18". Cupped eaves are 6" long X 5" wide, with bright gold centers, 1/4" wide, dark green margins, and good substance. Striking contrast. Near white flowers.  

         'Regal Splendor' 70cm. Specimen. Mound: 26" X 48". Vase-shaped with frosty blue leaves and creamy yellow-white margins.  Heavy substance. Lavender flowers.  

         'Rock Princess' 10cm. Miniature edger. Mound: 4" X 8". Green, heart-shaped leaves are tiny and elongated. Small, lavender flowers.  

         'Ruffled Mouse Ears' 14cm. Miniature. Mound: 5" X 12". Blue to dark green leaves are 2 3/4" long  2 1/2" wide with thick substance and rippled edges at maturity. Purple flowers.  

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         'Sagae' 70cm. Specimen. Outstanding hosta. Frosted blue-green leaves with a wide irregular yellow margin. Upright habit.  

         'Saint Paul' 45cm. Specimen. Mound: 18" X 30". Heart-shaped leaves have thick, bright golden centers with wide, blue green margins. Lavender flowers. Sport of H. 'Paul's Glory'.  

         'Sara's Sensation' 50cm. Specimen. Mound: 20" X 40". Heavily corrugated leaves measure 12" X 10" and are blue-green with a 3 1/2" wide gold margin and thick substance. Near-white flowers.  

         'Satisfaction' 55cm. Specimen. Mound: 22" X 36". Green leaves with wide, rippled, yellow margins measure 9.5" X 8". Rounded, thick and corrugated leaves. White flowers.  

         'Silver Mine' 15cm. Miniature. Mound: 6" X 12". Unusual leaves measure 3.5" x 1.75" and are green with white misting and a wavy, oval blade shape. Purple flowers.  

         'Snow Mouse Ears' 15cm. Miniature. Mound: 6" X 12". Leaves have a bold white central zone and heavy substance. Very slug resistant. Dense clusters of pale purple flowers.  

         'Spartacus' 55cm. Specimen. Mound: 22'' X 40''. Leaves are 13'' X 10'' wide with a medium green center, a rippled, 1'' wide, gold margin, and good substance. Near-white flowers.  

         'Striptease' 50cm. Specimen. Dark green leaves with yellowish green centres feature a unique strip of white down the centre. Very showy.  Violet flowers on tall scapes. H: 20".  

         'Sugar Daddy' 45cm. Specimen. Mound: 18" X 24". Large, cupped, blue-green leaves with white streaks and margins and heavy substance. Slug resistant. White flowers.  

         'Sum and Substance' 75cm. Specimen. Mound: 24" X 48". Very large leaves with heavy substance are chartreuse green to gold. Plants tolerate full sun, but the leaves stay more chartreuse in the shade. Lavender flowers in August. Spectacular when mature.  

         'Summer in Georgia' 60cm. Specimen. Mound: 24" X 40". Round, blue-green leaves with a yellow margin that changes to creamy white. Lavender flowers.  

         'Summer Squall' 35cm. Medium. Mound: 14'' X 32''. Wavy, cupped leaves measure 7'' X 4'' wide and remain deep blue-green through most of the growing season. Good substance. Pale lavender flowers.  

         'Sumsational' 55cm. Specimen. Mound: 22'' X 40''. Huge. Leaves measure 14'' long X 11'' wide. A 1'' wide, dark green margin surrounds the center, which changes from chartreuse to medium gold, especially in bright light. Thick substance. Pale lavender flowers.  

         'Super Sagae' 70cm. Specimen. Mound: 28" X 36". Grey-green leaves with a wide yellow margin. An improved sport of 'Sagae'. Lavender flowers.  

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         'Teaspoon' 28cm. Small. Mound: 11" X 18". Dense mound of distinctive, medium green leaves that measure 2.75" X 2.25". Moderately corrugated leaves are cupped, with a roundish blade. Pale lavender flowers.  

         'Thunderbolt' 40cm. Specimen. Mound: 16" X 30". Stunning, heavily corrugated round leaves are bluish-green with a narrow, bright gold center. Slow growing.  

         'Timeless Beauty' 60cm. Medium. Mound: 24" X 30". Heart-shaped, blue leaves with center that changes from pale-yellow to white. Lavender flowers.  

         'Titanic' 70cm. Specimen. Mound: 30" X 60". Large. The huge leaves are gold-edged, beautifully ribbed, and feature a bright margin. Lavender flowers.  

         'Touch of Class' 40cm. Medium-small. Mound: 16" X 22". Tetraploid sport of 'June' with more vivid colour and greater substance. Waxy, blue-green, heart-shaped leaves with bright chartreuse-gold centers and green streaking. Slug resistant. Tolerates partial sun. Lavender.  

         'T-Rex' 70cm. Specimen. Mound:  27" X 30". Huge, bluish-green leaves measure 18" X 20" and are heavily puckered. Near white flowers.  

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         'Ulysses S. Grant' 65cm. Specimen. Mound: 26'' X 42'. Vase-shaped mound of deep blue leaves measuring 14'' long X 11'' wide.  Foliage is moderately corrugated and rippled with thick substance. Very pale lavender flowers.  

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         'Valley's Glacier' 35cm. Medium. Mound: 14-16" X 24". Heart-shaped, blue leaves with a very wide yellow-changing-to-creamy-white margin. 'First Frost' sport. Lavender flowers.  

         'Victory' 75cm. Specimen. Mound: 30" X 50". Vigorous. Leaves are 12" X 9" with shiny, medium green centers and 1/2" wide margin that transform from greenish yellow to creamy white. Near white flowers.  

         'Vulcan' 55cm. Medium. Mound: 22" X 30". Thick and rounded leaves measure 8" X 7". Foliage is white-centered with a dark green margin and some jets of yellowish-chartreuse into the center. Lavender flowers.  

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         'War Paint' 75cm. Specimen. Mound: 30" X 42". The huge leaves are bright golden with a very rippled green margin in spring, turning green later. Lavender flowers.  

         'Wave Runner' 45cm. Specimen. Mound: 19'' X 48''. Slightly corrugated leaves are 12 1/2'' X 8 1/2'' with chartreuse centers and a heavily rippled, 1'' wide, yellow margin. Purple flowers.  

         'Woodland Elf' 12cm. Miniature. Mound: 5" X 15". Leaves are 2 1/4'' X 1 1/2'' with medium green center and 1/16" wide white margins. Blades are ovate-shaped, slightly wavy, and cupped. Lavender flowers.  

         'Wooly Bully' 50cm. Variegated sport of H. 'Blue Boy'. Clear, golden-yellow margins contrast with the blue foliage. Lavender flowers. H: 20".  

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