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Assorted Perennials

An alphabetized list of the plants we are featuring this 2015 season. Please note that those plants listed under individual sub-categories on the plants page are not included in this list.

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         hungaricus  90cm. Bold specimen plant. This species forms a clump of mean-looking, spiny, olive-green leaves with upright spikes of hooded, light pink flowers in summer. Hardy to -30 C. H: 36".


         millefolium 'Saucy Seduction' 45cm. Rose-pink. Compact with sturdy stems and superior branching. Exceptional long bloom time. H: 18". June to August. Full sun, any garden soil.

         millefolium 'Strawberry Seduction' 45cm. Large velvety red with yellow centers. Compact with sturdy stems and superior branching. Exceptionally long bloom time. F: June to August. H: 18".

         Rainbow 'Sparkling Contrast' 60cm. Large red flowers with yellow eyes and strong stems. {New}

         Rainbow 'Summer Wine' 60cm. Large pink to wine coloured flower heads with strong stems. {New}

         Rainbow 'Tricolor' 60cm. Large yellow flowers with a red edge on strong stems. {New}

         X 'Moonshine' 60cm. An outstanding, compact plant with attractive, silvery-grey foliage and yellow flowers. F: mid-June. H: 24".


         carmichaellii 'Arendsii' 160cm. This late-flowering selection has incredible, tall spikes of deep violet-blue, hooded flowers that do not require staking. Attractive dark green, glossy foliage. Shade to partial shade. Prefers a rich moist soil. August-Sept. H: 5 feet. {New}

         X 'Blue Lagoon' 25cm. Bright blue with handsome, dark green foliage. This new monkshood is the shortest and most compact available. At 10-12 inches tall, it's perfect for containers or the front of the border.

         X cammarum 'Bicolor' 100cm. Dark blue and white. One of the showiest with its bi-colour flowers. Does well in a sunny location. May require staking in shade. F: July to Aug.  H: 40". W: 30".


         aurantiaca 'Tango' 35cm. Funnel-shaped blooms of fiery orange on dense terminal spikes. Aromatic, grey-green foliage that blends with the orange blossoms. Full sun. Hot, dry. Well-drained soil. A magnet for hummingbirds, butterflies, and honeybees. H: 14".

         rugosa 'Golden Jubilee' 60cm. Wands of soft-blue flowers beginning in mid-summer. Full sun to part-shade. Foliage is chartreuse-yellow and is best in afternoon shade. A magnet for hummingbirds and butterflies. H: 2-3' W: 18-24"

         X 'Kudos Ambrosia' 45cm. Creamy coconut, pale orange, and light rose pink spikes with an airy look.  Improved hardiness. {New}

         X 'Kudos Manderin' 45cm. Cheery, bright orange plumes that last and last. Compact. Improved hardiness. {New}

         X 'Kudos Silver Blue' 45cm. Soft and clear light blue flowers are held in plump spikes. Improved hardiness. {New}


         reptans 'Black Scallop' 10cm. Groundcover. Bright blue flower spikes. Glossy purple-black crinkled leaves. Forms a dense mat. F: late spring. H: 4".


         X 'Queeny Purple' 75cm. Double purple flowers are 3-4" across. Compact hollyhock, longest blooming. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. H: 30".


         mollis  35cm. Yellowish-green flowers. Excellent foliage plant, great as a groundcover. Vigorous grower. F: early June. H: 14".


         senescens 'Glaucum' 25cm. Pink. Fleshy, grey-green leaves have a unique twisted appearance. F: early July - late Aug. H: 10".


         X 'Blue Ice' 35cm. Compact form with periwinkle blue, star-shaped flowers in late May. Excellent foliage turns yellow in the fall. Drought resistant. H: 12-16". {New}

         X 'Seaford Skies' 30cm. Sky blue spikes. Very compact plant with blue-green fine foliage. Longer blooming season than the species. Brilliant golden fall foliage. Drought resistant. H: 12".


         japonica 'Splendens' 80cm. Dark purplish-red flowers in September. H: 32".

         levellei  40cm. White with deeply palmate leaves. Forms a large clump. Grow in partial shade in a moist, rich soil. F: early June. H: 12-20". {New}

         robustissima  75cm. Pink flowers.  F: late summer - early fall. Vigorous, aggressive  grower. Sun or shade. H: 30". {New}

         sylvestris 'Elise Feldman' 45cm. Flowers are fully double, dahlia-like, white pom-poms with greenish centres that bloom in late spring and re-bloom in fall. Shade to part sun. Light sandy soil. Great for a woodland planting.

         sylvestris 'Macrantha' 30cm. White. Clump-forming, but can spread aggressively. Full sun, part-shade.  Prefers a well-drained soil. F: early spring. H: 12".

         X 'Fantasy' 40cm. Double, bright pink flowers begin in mid-summer. Plants are compact. H: 12-18".

         X 'Pink Kiss' 45cm. Single, light pink flowers begin in mid-summer. Plants are compact. H: 12-18".

         X 'September Charm' 80cm. Large, silvery-pink, single flowers in September. H: 34".


         gigas  120cm. Purple-maroon. Wonderful dark umbels in late summer.  Large specimen, bold leaves for back of border. Short-lived but will self seed. Unique structure. Shade or sun, any soil. F: Aug. H: 48". W: 36".


         tinctoria 'Charme' 40cm. Compact plant is covered with charming, bright yellow daisies all summer. Fairly drought resistant and performs well in poor soils. 16" X 18".


         caerulea 'Origami Mix' 35cm. Extra-large, 2-3", upward facing flowers on compact plant. Sun to part-shade. F: May-June. H: 12-14".

         Songbird Series 'Cardinal' 60cm. Red with white inner petals. Compact growth with large, 3", sky-facing flowers. F: May. H: 24".

         vulgaris 'Black Barlow' 55cm. Deep black-purple, fully double flowers. Grow in a rich well-drained soil. Part shade or sun. F: May. {New}

         vulgaris 'Winky Blue and White' 30cm. Blue and white.  A compact plant with very bright, upward-facing flowers with small spurs. H: 12".


         cordata 'Sun King' 120cm. Forms a dazzling 6' tall x 3' wide clump that emerges in mid-spring with bright gold, compound leaves. With a few hours of daily sun, the foliage remains bright gold through the summer. Sun or shade. Drought tolerant.  4-6 feet tall.


         triphyllum  30cm. Our native Jack-in-the-Pulpit. Unusual purple with a white stripe.  Full or partial  shade. Well-drained woodland soil.  Plants go dormant in late spring. May. H: 12".


         lactiflora 'Guizho' 150cm. White. Beautiful specimen with showy, red stems and Astilbe-like flowers. Should be much better known than it is. Rich, moist soil. Full sun or part-shade. F: August. H: 60".


         aethusifolius  30cm. Cream white. Dwarf clumps of beautiful lacy foliage. High on the list of Kiwi's favourites. Grow near a walkway. Short spikes of flowers are effective until they are covered by

         aethusifolius 'Noble Spirit' 45cm. Fine, ferny foliage with 12", white flower spikes in June. Foliage turns bronze with the onset of cool weather. Seed heads are effective all season. H: 18".

         dioicus  120cm. Large, showy, white flowers. A majestic and stately plant best viewed from a distance. Reaches its full size early in the spring. Grow as a specimen or at the back of the border. Also useful as a divider. A must, if space permits.  F: June. H: 48".

         sylvester 'Kneiffeii' 75cm. Creamy-white flowers in June. Very feathery, finely cut leaves make this a stately specimen. Slow growing and must have a well-drained soil. H: 32".

         X 'Guinea-Fowl' 45cm. Delicate, cut-leaf foliage is covered with 12-18" tall stalks of small, airy white wands. Dwarf, compact plant always looks great. Flowers are larger than the specie aethusifolius. Late spring.

         X 'Misty Lace' 75cm. Creamy-white flowers in June. A compact version of the common Goatsbeard. Showy, lacy flower panicles. H: 30".


         canadense  20cm. Brownish-purple flowers are hidden under heart-shaped leaves. Good groundcover for dry shade. F: late April-early May. H: 8". Native.

         europaeum  15cm. Purple. Similar to the native species, but with glossy evergreen leaves. Somewhat slower to establish as a groundcover. F: late April. H: 6".


         tuberosa  60cm. Native. Orange. Requires good drainage. Attracts Monarch butterflies.  Full sun. F: July. H: 24".


         novae-angliae 'Purple Dome' 45cm. Purple. Compact. Provides fall colour.  Excellent cut flower. H: 18".


         chinensis 'Vision' 35cm. Dark mauve-pink. Excellent cultivar with bronze-green foliage.  Sun and drought tolerant. F: July-Aug. H: 14".

         chinensis 'Visions in Red' 35cm. Red. Long lasting blooms. F: July. H: 14".

         chinensis 'Visions in White' 35cm. White, long lasting blooms forming a compact mound.  Sun tolerant. F: July. H: 14".

         X 'Color Flash' 45cm. Spectacular foliage is ever-changing. Burgundy/purple transitions to orange, red & bronze. Vigorous grower. Pink. Sun tolerant. July. H: 18".

         X 'Color Flash Lime' 55cm. Pink. Selected for its gorgeous, lime green foliage. Great to brighten up a dark corner. Vigorous grower. Sun tolerant. July. H: 22".


         tabularis  100cm. Large, umbrella shaped leaves, irregularly incised along the margins. Flowers are white, nodding racemes in late spring. Partial shade in cool, moist soil. Good for bog or waterside. H: 40".


         major 'Abbey Road' 60cm. Black stems and vivid purple flowers with a sweet fragrance. Excellent cut flower. Sun or part-shade. F: late June to early Aug.  H: 24".

         major 'Claret' 70cm. Red. Dark stems add colour appeal. Blooms all summer if deadheaded.  Attractive foliage. Partial shade or sun. F: late June to early Aug. H: 28".

         major 'Dark Shiny Eyes' 50cm. Clear red bracts with silver centers. Compact grower. Excellent cut flower. Sun to part-shade. F: late June to early Aug. H: 20".

         major 'Moulin Rouge' 45cm. Dark red. New cultivar with very large, intense bracts and showy centers. Sun. F: late June to early Aug. H: 18".

         major 'Ruby Wedding' 60cm. Dark red. Excellent, newer cultivar is the darkest red of all. Sun or shade. Any soil. F: late June to early Aug. H: 24".

         major 'Star of Beauty' 45cm. Blood red flowers on strong stems. Excellent cut flower with a long blooming season. Compact. F: late June to early Aug. H: 18".

         major 'Star of Magic' 50cm. Variegated foliage is dark green with creamy white margins. Rosy pink flowers bloom from early to mid-summer. H: 16-24".

         major 'Star of Summer' 40cm. Purple-red flowers with white centers. Long blooming. Excellent cut flower. F: June. H: 16".

         major 'Vanilla Gorilla' 50cm. Stunning, serrated, and deeply lobed, blue-green leaves feature wide vanilla margins that remain handsome all season. Silvery-pink pincushion flowers appear early to mid summer. H: 18"-24".

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         australis  100cm. Indigo blue. A Kiwi favourite. Full sun to part-shade. F: May-June. H: 39".

         X 'Purple Smoke' 110cm. Forms a tall, bushy mound of grey-green foliage with long spikes of smoky, violet-blue and purple flowers held on black stems.  June. Sun to part-shade. H: 3-4 feet. {New}


         cordifolia 'Baby Doll' 30cm. Pink. Compact variety with round, shiny, dark-green leaves that turn bronze-red in fall. Good, drought-tolerant edger. Shade or sun. F: May. H: 12". 


         striata  25cm. An easy orchid to grow. Prefers a well-drained soil and cool woodland setting. {New}


         macrophylla  30cm. Blue. Large, heart-shaped leaves with 'Forget-me-not'-like flowers. F: May-June. H: 12".

         macrophylla 'Jack Frost' 30cm. Violet-blue. Frosty silver foliage with light green veins and edging. 'Forget-me-not'-like flowers. F: early spring-late May. H: 12".

         macrophylla 'Kings Ransom' 30cm. Blue flowers. Compact plant has a creamy yellow margin with a light "frosting" giving the plant a silver and gold appearance. Sun or shade. H: 12".

         macrophylla 'Looking Glass" 25cm. Blue. Beautiful, silver foliage all season. Sun or shade. Prefers a rich moist soil. F: early May. H: 10".

         macrophylla 'Sea Heart' 35cm. An improved Jack Frost with larger, heart-shaped leaves, more pronounced variegation, and greater substance. Sky blue flowers in early spring. H: 14 in.

         macrophylla 'Silver Heart' 35cm. An improved cultivar of "Looking Glass" with greater heat resistance and vigour. Sky-blue flowers in early spring. H: 14".

         macrophylla 'Variegata' 35cm. Blue, single, daisy-like flowers appear at stem tips. Tendency to revert to green. F: May-June. H: 14".


         X 'Buzz Midnight' 75cm. Compact and early flowering. Large, fragrant, purple flowers on a  30"-36" plant. Grey foliage is effective all season.

         X 'Buzz Sky Blue' 60cm. Compact and early flowering. Large, fragrant, blue flowers on a  30"-36" plant. Grey foliage is effective all season. {New}

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         glomerata 'Freya' 40cm. Purple. Compact and very floriferous. Starts earlier and lasts longer than the specie. Full clusters of small, star-shaped, lilac-purple flowers on strong, upright, well-branched stems. Late spring early summer. Full sun. H: 16".

         persicifolia 'Takion Blue' 45cm. Lavender blue. Compact. The blue bellflowers face upwards on long stems above long, dark green foliage. The unique habit makes this variety great for containers or as cut flowers. Sun, part-shade. H: 18".

         poscharskyana 'Blue Waterfall' 20cm. Violet-blue, long blooming. Use in rock gardens, tubs, pots, and edging. Plants form a spreading patch of small green leaves, bearing loads of starry flowers. Re-blooms when cut back. Sun to part-shade. F: July-Aug. H: 8". W: 24".

         trachelium 'Bernice' 50cm. Upright stems of bright purple, double-petalled bells in late summer. Sun. H: 20".

         X 'Purple Sensation' 50cm. Purple. Long-lasting, pendulous, bell-shaped blooms over a bushy fast grower. Good container plant. Full sun. Tolerates poor soils. F: Summer. H: 20".

         X 'Viking' 45cm. Lavender. A compact, non-invasive, punctata type. Free-flowering, large, tubular bell flowers from mid-May until late July.  Sun, part-shade. H: 18".


         plumbaginoides  25cm. Mediterranean blue. Dark green foliage turns red in fall. Requires a well-drained soil. Sun or partial shade.  F: Aug-Sept. H: 10".


         lyonii 'Hot Lips' 75cm. Pink. Deep green foliage, tinted bronze in the spring. Red stems and a darker flower colour. Part shade, moist soil. F: Aug-Sept. H: 30".

         lyonii 'Tiny Tortuga' 50cm. Beautiful dwarf form. Glossy foliage is covered with large pink "Turtle head" flowers in late summer. Great container plant. {New}


         Mammoth 'Matchsticks' 90cm. Very large, yellow, red-tipped daisies. Long blooming, with flowers late July through September. Borderline-hardy perennial mum.  Excellent cut flower. No pinching required. Begins yellow and grows more red with cooler weather. Full sun. H: 36".


         virginianum 'Golden Acres' 20cm. Large, yellow, star-like flowers bloom all summer long. Great edger with its dense foliage. Sun, part-shade. 8" X 12".


         acerina  90cm. White. Plants are short and compact, standing 30" tall. Flowers stems rise well above the foliage in late July. Sun or part-shade. Soil tolerant. H: 48".

         acemosa 'Black Negligee' 150cm. A very dark selection with exceptionally large, showy, fragrant flower spikes in Sept. H: 4-5 feet. {New}

         racemosa 'Brunette' 125cm. Fragrant, white blooms. Stunningly dark foliage throughout the growing season. Sun or shade. F: Aug-Sept. H: 50".

         racemosa 'Chocoholic' 85cm. Short and compact. This low mound of purplish-black foliage is stunning, even before it flowers. Fragrant, bottlebrush flowers open mauve-pink, then lighten to white.  Sun or shade. Prefers a rich moist soil. H: 30-36"

         racemosa 'Hillside Black Beauty' 150cm. Stunning, dark purple-black foliage with fragrant white flowers.  Sun or shade. Best grown in a moist, rich soil. F: Aug-Sept. H: 59".

         racemosa 'James Compton' 125cm. White-tinged pink. Fragrant. Very dark foliage, compact and shorter than most Snakeroots. Prefers a rich, moist soil. F: Aug-Sept. H: 36".

         racemosa 'Pink Spike' 125cm. Fragrant, pinkish-white flowers. Short compact plant. Sun or shade with adequate moisture. Excellent cut flower. Kiwi's favorite Snakeroot. F: Aug-Oct. H: 49".

         racemosa 'Purpurea' 200cm. Beautiful dark-tinged, lacy leaves that always look good. Tall spikes of white, fragrant flowers. The largest and fastest growing. Sun or shade.  F: Sept. H: 78".


      majalis 'Albostriata' 15cm. White, fragrant flowers in early spring. Attractive foliage. Leaves are striped with pale yellow/white bands. Very effective. Slower-growing and non-invasive. H: 6".


         Cruizin 'Electric Avenue' 45cm. True yellow blooms similar to 'Moonbeam,' but larger. These blooms come on early in summer and stay well into the fall! H: 15-18". {New}

         little bang 'Daybreak' 20cm. Orange-red center with fringed, gold petal tips. Vibrant show of colour all summer and fall. H: 8-12".

         X 'Broad Street' 40cm. Red with orange. Blooms all summer into fall. H: 15-18".

         X 'Cosmic Eye' 35cm. Bright golden yellow flowers marked by a prominent burgundy red eye and yellow center. Compact, well-branched habit. Blooms profusely all summer, July - Aug. Sun. H: 12-14".

         X 'Route 66' 50cm. Yellow with a beautiful ring of burgundy around the crown that bleeds down to the petal tips. Flowers all summer. Sun. H: 20-24". {New}


         lutea  25cm. Yellow. Self-seeds happily in a partly-shaded, dry site. F: May-Aug. H: 10".


         cordifolia  180cm. Stunning plant with 5 foot tall white, baby's breath flowers. Bold foliage. June. Full sun.


         'Lucifer 100cm. Hardy. Long-lasting red blooms with dark stems. Late summer. Drought tolerant. Full sun.


         calceolus  25cm. Native, yellow Lady's Slippers. Plants prefer a bright shade in a rich moist soil.  Flowers bloom in June, then plants go dormant in the summer. H: 10"-12" {New}

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         dyeri 'Table Mountain' 6cm. Plant blooms all summer with bright fuchsia, daisy-type flowers over a compact Sedum looking mat. Drought resistant. Full sun, well-drained soil. Grows in gravel. H: 2-3".

         jewel of the desert 'Ruby' 10cm. New, hardier form which blooms from early summer to mid-fall with masses of jewel-like, starry flowers which are rose-pink on the outside and white inside, separated by a yellow halo. H: 4-6". {New}

         X 'Fire Spinner' 5cm. Forms a low mat of succulent, apple-green leaves, bearing loads of starry flowers. Vibrant pink at the base, and with a white eye, petals are bright apricot around the perimeter with a darker halo effect. Summer. Hot and dry. H: 2-4" X 18".


         grandiflorum 'Butterfly Blue' 30cm. Short and compact with delicate, fern-like foliage. Plants produce open panicles of deep blue flowers all summer. H: 12-14".

         grandiflorum 'Summer Cloud' 30cm. Dwarf, compact plant with dark blue flowers with creamy white centers. Flowers all summer. Sun. H: 10-12".

         X 'Blue Indugence' 115cm. Triple-layered, rich blue flowers. Long, broad racemes of flowers above large, deeply divided, orbicular leaves. H: 46".

         X 'Guardian Blue' 80cm. Deep-blue petals on strong stems. Excellent cut flower. H: 32".

         X 'Indigo Indulgence' 75cm. Triple-layered, rich purple flowers on a compact plant. Long-lived selection. Plants bloom in June and in August. Grow in rich, fertile, well-drained soil. H: 30".


         First scent series 'Passion' 25cm. Deep velvety-red, double flowers have a spicy fragrance and long bloom time. Plant forms tidy, blue-green mounds. Spring. H: 8-10". {New}

         gratianopolitanus 'Raspberry Swirl' 16cm. Young flowers have light pink petals with deep maroon edges. Petals whiten with age and edges change to deep magenta. July-August. Full sun, well-drained soil.

         gratianopolitanus 'Red Beauty' 15cm. Single, fragrant, scarlet-red flowers. June, July.  Attractive compact blue foliage. H: 6-8".


         spectabilis  100cm. Pink. True, old-fashioned perennial. Very large, showy clump with pendulous chains of hearts. Plants die down in early summer requiring a replacement to fill the gap for the rest of the season. F: May. H: 40".

         spectabilis 'Goldheart' 75cm. Stunning gold foliage with pink and white, traditional, bleeding heart flowers. Foliage is effective all season. F: May. H: 30".

         spectabilis 'Valentine' 70cm. A true bleeding heart that's really red. A vigorous grower. Early spring. H: 24-30".


         albus  70cm. Pink-white. Stately, showy, and long-lived flower spikes. Slow growing. F: June-July. H: 28".


         grandiflora(ambigua)  75cm. Butter-yellow. A true perennial; long-lived and self seeding. The small flowers are carried on strong, wind-proof spikes. Very showy, especially in a shaded woodland setting. Good repeat bloomer. F: June-July. H: 30".

         mertonensis  90cm. Orange-pink. Tetraploid hybrid with thick, showy leaves and crushed-strawberry coloured flowers. F: June-July. H: 35".

         parviflora 'Milk Chocolate' 60cm. True, long lived perennial. Milk chocolate-red flowers on strong stems near evergreen foliage. June.

         purpurea 'Candy Mountain' 90cm. Very long-blooming, pink, upward-facing flowers. The pink blossoms, speckled with white and black, begin opening from the bottom of the flower stalk and work their way upward. June- July. H: 36-40". {New}

         purpurea 'Dalmatian Peach' 50cm. Soft peach with orange speckled throat. Well-branched with excellent habit and compact foliage. H: 20-24".

         X 'Goldcrest' 45cm. Peachy-yellow flowers marked with maroon-red spots. Unlike the bi-annual Foxglove, this is a true perennial. Sterile flowers begin mid-June and flower all summer. Dwarf, compact. Full sun to part-shade. Average soil. H: 18".

         X 'Pam's Choice' 100cm. White bell-shaped flowers with maroon throats. June. Rich soil in partial shade or sun. H: 40".


         jeffreyi  50cm. Purple-pink, showy, cyclamen-type flowers. Plants may die back in summer so mark spot to avoid digging up. Part-shade. F: Spring-May. H: 20".

         meadia  30cm. Shooting-Star. Magenta or white. May-June. Dies down in July. Sun, partial shade. H: 12".

         albus 'Aphrodite' 50cm. Giant, robust plant with large, magenta flowers that are larger than most. F: May-June. H: 20".


         octopetala  10cm. White flowers over attractive evergreen leaves. The best rock-garden plant. Grow in well-drained soil. Sun. F: June. H: 4".

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         X 'Fatal Attraction' 65cm. Intense pink flowers feature large, flat, non-drooping petals. Black cones. Plants are strong and bushy. H: 23-25".

         X 'Green Jewel' 60cm. Green colour is maintained throughout the season; produces an exceptionally large green cone surrounded by lighter green ray petals. Fragrant, short, compact plant. Late blooming. H: 24".

         X 'Harvest Moon' 60cm. Gold flowers with gold cones. Slightly flexed petals with overlap. Rose-like fragrance. Sun. H: 24".

         X 'Hot Papaya' 85cm. A breakthrough. 3" spicy orange-red blooms with a papaya orange halo. Pom-pom type. Begins flowering a full 2 weeks earlier than others. Full sun. H: 30-36".

         X 'Kim's Mophead' 50cm. Single white. A true dwarf flowering variety. Sun. F: July-Sept. H: 20".

         X 'Marmalade' 75cm. Marmalade is a strong plant that supports truly double, marmalade orange blooms.  The blooms are two-toned and, on some days, or in different lights, will look more tangerine-orange. Sun. H: 30-32".

         X 'Meringue' 45cm. Fully-double blooms featuring white ray petals and a creamy-yellow pom-pom.  A dwarf version of  E. 'Coconut Lime'. H: 18-20".

         X 'Merlot' 75cm. Giant, 5", dark wine-red flowers are held on strong stems. An excellent cut flower. Sun.  H:30-36".

         X 'Pink Double Delight' 55cm. Bright pink, double pom-pom-like flowers on a compact plant. Dwarf version of E. 'Razzmatazz'. Long blooming. Sun. H: 22".

         X 'Pow Wow White' 50cm. Large, 3-4" flowers over a compact plant. Long blooming. {New}

         X 'Razzmatazz' 90cm. Fully-double blooms with a central pom-pom of rose pink, surrounded by a circle of magenta. Vigorous. Sun. F: July-Sept. H: 36". {New}

         X 'Ruby Giant' 90cm. Huge, 7", magenta-pink flowers. Cones are coppery-orange and flattened. Non-drooping flower. Sun. H: 30-36".

         X 'Secret Desire' 65cm. Very large, multicolored flowers of pink and orange. Grows vigorously and forms a full plant quickly. Double flowers have an extra row of single petals at the base. Sun. H: 26". {New}

         X 'Secret Romance' 75cm. Very large, warm pink, double flowers that have an extra row of single, light pink petals. Sun. H: 29". {New}

         X 'Sunrise' 60cm. Large, non-drooping, fragrant flowers are butter yellow. Sun. F: July-Sept. H: 24-30".

         X 'Tiki Torch' 90cm. This darkest orange coneflower explodes with massive 4.5" flowers with wide petals. Retains intense colour for weeks. Sun. H: 36".

         X 'Tomato Soup' 70cm. Considered one of the best reds with fairly narrow petals.  Not to be confused with seed grown plants. H: 28". {New}

         X 'Vintage Wine' 65cm. Raspberry red. Large 4" flowers have horizontal petals that do not droop. Sun. F: July-Sept. H: 26".

         X 'White Sunshine' 85cm. We discovered this beauty in our gardens. The 4" flowers are flat (non-drooping), have spiky green cones, and are held on very strong stems. Sun. H: 30-36".

         X 'Wild Berry' 55cm. Large, 3-4", deep rose-purple flowers do not fade. Excellent branching and blooms continuously without deadheading. Pow Wow series. H: 20-24".

         X 'Yellow Garden Emotion' 65cm. Very large, 6", yellow flowers on strong stems. Compact and long blooming.


         amoenum  30cm. Drought-resistant introduction grown for its extended bloom time. Flower spikes are rusty-red and plume-like. Thrives on neglect. Butterflies love it. H: 10-14".


         grandiflorum 'Lilafee' 20cm. Lavender. Good clump-forming groundcover. Floriferous. Tolerant of dry shade when well established. F: early spring. H: 8".

         grandiflorum 'Rose queen' 35cm. Sprays of delicate, bright-pink flowers in mid to late spring. Excellent foliage into the winter. Drought tolerant once established. Part-shade. H: 22".

         grandiflorum 'White' 30cm. Exceptionally large white flowers in May. Beautiful, near-evergreen foliage. Shade or part-shade. H: 12".

         perralchicum 'Frohnleiten' 30cm. Yellow. Compact variety. Bright flowers with bronzy, marbled foliage. Evergreen. Shade or part-shade. Moist soil. F: spring. H: 12".

         pinnatum 'Thunderbolt' 25cm. Flowers have attractive, bright yellow inner sepal. In cool weather, the leaflets turn black-purple with green veins. Russian.

         rubrum  30cm. Crimson. The most common and still the best form. Shade to part-shade. Drought tolerant once established. F: May. H: 12".

         sagittatum  40cm. Arrowhead-shaped leaves on tall, wiry stems with small, airy, white flowers. China. 16 X 14".

         X 'Creeping Yellow' 20cm. Flowers are very large and pure white. Foliage emerges green-yellow with red speckles. Vigorous, low groundcover. Shade, part-shade. H: 12".

         X 'Fire Dragon' 35cm. Slender, branched, bronze stems bearing large, pendant, spurred, yellow flowers with prominent purple bracts. Shade, part-shade. H: 14".

         X 'Kaguyahime' 20cm. Narrow, arrow-shaped leaflets that are heavily mottled with burgundy-red in spring. Small, bi-colour flowers with dark red-purple spurs and rose-pink inner sepals. 8-10 X 12"


         stenophyllus  90cm. Tall showy yellow plumes in June-July. Must have a well-drained soil. Sun. H 36".


         isabellinus 'Cleopatra' 120cm. Rose orange. Borderline hardy.  Mulch for winter protection. F: July-Aug. H: 48".


         planum 'Blue Hobbit' 30cm. First true dwarf Sea Holly, forms low rosettes of deeply toothed blue-green leaves. Colourful silver blue stems and darker blue flowers with spiny blue bracts. {New}

         X 'Blue Jackpot' 60cm. Deep blue thistle-like flowers in very large frilled blue bracts on stems tipped blue. Rosette of leathery blue-green leaves. Drought resistant 24" X 24"

         zabelii 'Big Blue' 85cm. 4" flowers. Electric-blue flower color extends well down onto the stems. Green, spiky foliage on erect, candelabra-shaped plants. Strong statement. Drought resistant. Cut flower. 34" X 24". Sun.


         myrsinitis  15cm. Yellow. Succulent evergreen, self-seeding type with fleshy blue leaves. Trailing stems effective over rocks. Drought tolerant.  Neat looking, always draws a comment. F: May. H: 6". Sun.

         polychroma 'Bonfire' 30cm. Foliage emerges green, but quickly turns maroon-red with blazing, reddish-orange tips. Flowers are bright chartreuse-gold. Effective all season. Plants MUST have a well-drained soil. Sun. H: 12-18".

         polychroma 'First Blush' 30cm. Pale pink and white variegated leaf edges. Sun, well-drained soil. F: early spring.  H: 12".

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         japonica 'Variegata' 90cm. Striking green leaves with splashes of white.  New growth is coral with pink stems. Unremarkable, white flowers. Part-shade or sun. F: late Aug-early Sept. H: 36-48".


         rubra 'Magnifica' 150cm. Majestic background plant with showy panicles of deep pink flowers. Late June. Prefers a rich soil in shade or sun. Great foliage effect all season. H: 60".

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         grandiflora 'Goblin' 35cm. Large, single flowers are red with yellow edges. Blooms all summer. Compact plant. H: 14".

         grandiflora 'Oranges and Lemons' 50cm. Peachy orange. Very floriferous and flowers all summer. Gold-tipped petals have soft, pastel, shimmering effect. Needs well-drained soil to survive the winter. May be short lived. F: June-Sept. H: 20".


         odoratum  15cm. White. One of the best groundcovers under trees. F: May. H: 6".


         lutea  110cm. Yellow flowers in dense  whorls travel up tall stems. Full sun, fairly drought tolerant. Unlike any of the other Gentians. H: 3-4 feet.

         scabra 'Zulco Rinko' 30cm. A striking pink form of this Asian species. An autumn bloomer with a compact habit of clean, fresh green foliage. Full sun well-drained soil. 12 X 16".

         X 'True Blue' 45cm. Low mound with smooth, lance-shaped leaves and very large, 2", tubular, intense gentian-blue flowers. Effective late summer until fall. Moist, well-drained soil. Full sun, part-shade. H: 16-18".


         cantabrigiense 'Cambridge' 15cm. Bright pink. Similar habit to Biokovo. Excellent, fine-textured groundcover. F: June-July. H: 6".

         macrorrhizum 'Bevans' 30cm. Magenta with deep red sepals. Excellent groundcover. Sun/shade. Drought tolerant. Near evergreen foliage. F: June. H: 12".

         phaem 'Samobor' 45cm. Pinkish white. Excellent new variety grown primarily for splashy variegated foliage.  A must for partial shade. F: June. H: 18".

         phaem 'Springtime' 55cm. Maroon. Striking spring variegation. Leaves are irregularly marbled with cream. Sun or shade. F: June. H: 22".

         pratense 'Dark Reiter. 25cm. A dark-leafed selection that forms a compact mound of finely cut, plum purple foliage with lilac-blue flowers in late spring.  Requires a well-drained soil. Full sun. H: 8-10". W: 12".

         psilostemon  80cm. Similar to G. Rosanne but taller, more darkly and richly coloured, and flowers 3-4 weeks earlier. Sprawling, long-blooming, stunning. Sun. June-July. H: 32". W: 36".

         sanguineum 'Max Frei' 20cm. One of the best low-growing geraniums with large, showy, magenta flowers over a tidy mound. Sun. June-July. H: 8".

         sanguineum 'New Hamshire Purple 40cm. Magenta-purple flowers that bloom on and off, all summer long, over slowly-spreading mounds of finely dissected foliage. Sun, part-shade. H: 12-14".

         X 'Anne Thomson' 40cm. The dazzling, bright yellow-foliaged, 3' wide clump is topped with violet flowers from spring until midsummer. Foliage is effective all summer. Very heat tolerant. {New}

         X 'Azure Rush' 35cm. Compact form of 'Rozanne'. Bright purple-blue flowers with dark veins. Blooms all summer. 14" X 24".

         X 'Hocus Pocus' 35cm. Bronzy-purple leaves with showy, violet-blue flowers. Compact plant. Sun and well-drained soil. June-July. 14 X 14".

         X 'Margaret Wilson' 30cm. Exceptional foliage is marbled with platinum over green with golden yellow streaks. Showy, purple flowers in early spring. Often re-blooms in the fall. Sun or shade, any soil. H: 12".

      X 'Rosanne' 45cm. Violet blue. Heat tolerant, free-flowering, spreading bush with mound of slightly marbled, deep green foliage that turns reddish brown in fall. Disease and pest free. Requires well-drained soil. Sun, part-shade. F: May-Aug. H: 18".


         coccineum 'Eos' 30cm. Golden yellow foliage with bright orange flowers. Plants have a spreading habit. Early spring. 12" X 10".

         x 'Mai Tai' 45cm. Ruffled, burgundy-purple buds open to reveal apricot blooms with rose shades. Mid-May to June. Full sun, part-shade. Requires a well-drained soil. 18" X 18".

         X 'Mango Lassi' 35cm. In a luscious mix of lemon, mango, peach, apricot, and orange hues, this delectable Geum's slightly ruffled petals are layered around a tiny, strawberry-like cone. Sun, part-shade. H: 14".


         trifoliata  75cm. Small, dainty white flowers. Attractive, serrated leaves on a shrub like plant. Sun or  part-shade. F: June-July. H: 30".

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         X 'Fuego' 45cm. Compact plants for late summer. Flowers are fiery orange, glowing gold, and sunshine yellow. Bright, happy, and long blooming. H: 18-20". {New}

         X 'Rauchtopas' 110cm. Clump-forming perennial with flat, daisy-like flowers of gold uppers and a red-brown reverse to the petals. A slight twist allows both colours to be seen. Excellent, long-lasting flowers for late summer. Sun. H: 44".

         X 'Red Jewel' 90cm. Plants produce small clusters of dusky red flowers with a hint of blue. Late summer, fall. Colours remain consistent as plants mature. Sun. H: 36".

         X 'Sahin's Early Flowerer' 90cm. An early compact form of Sneezeweed. Very long season of bloom. Flowers are yellow before turning red, then orange. Early July. Full sun. Any garden soil. H: 36".


         X ' Lemon Queen' 180cm. A very tall form with soft yellow daisies in late summer and fall. Sun. H: 80". W: 36". {New}

         X 'Happy Days' 60cm. Double anemone-type, golden yellow flowers with large, full, double centers surrounded by short outer petals. Short and compact. Sun. July-August. H: 24".


         helianthoides 'Asahi' 60cm. Fully-double, yellow flowers over an upright, clump-forming plant. Long blooming. July-Sept. Full sun. Heat and drought tolerant.  H: 24".

         helianthoides 'Summer Nights' 90cm. Golden yellow daisies with mahogany centers on dark purple stems. Full sun. July and August. Good cut flower. H: 36". {New}

         X 'Sunstruck' 40cm. Compact mound blooms all summer with yellow daisy flowers. Full sun. H: 14-16".

         X 'Venus' 100cm. Robust plant produces very large (4-5") golden yellow flowers. Drought tolerant, performs well in poor soils. Full sun. Late summer. H: 40".


         dumetorum 'Atrorubens' 30cm. Deep maroon purple. Green on the outside. Slow to establish and begin flowering. Woodland setting. Winter drainage required. F: late April-May. H: 12".

         niger  40cm. White with pink. Needs a shady, protected site. F: April-May. H: 16".

         orientalis  45cm. White. H: 18". {New}

         orientalis 'Double Ellen Picotee' 45cm. Double pink flowers with lighter white veins and creamy white center. Part shade. H: 18".

         orientalis 'Ruse Black' 40cm. Purplish-black. Dark flowers with rounded petals have contrasting yellow stamens. F: spring. H: 16".

         orientalis 'White Spotted Lady' 30cm. White. Large flowers, speckled with red. F: early spring. Part shade. H: 12".

         purpurascens  30cm. Plants produce an abundance of medium-small, reddish-maroon flowers. Early spring. H: 12".

         purpurascens 'Red Power' 25cm. Cup-shaped, maroon-red flowers. Part shade. H: 10".

         X 'Golden Discovery' 30cm. Double flowers are creamy-yellow. H: 12". {New}

         X 'Jade Tiger' 30cm. Flowers have double green petals, edged in purple. Beautiful, leathery foliage through the winter. 12" X 45". {New}

         X 'Kiwi's Best Red seed' 30cm. Selected seed strain. The large, single flowers are dark red. 12" X 18".

         X 'Red Lady' 50cm. Very large, dark red flowers are 2.5" in diameter. Part shade. H: 20". {New}

         X 'Royal Heritage' 50cm. Seed strain offering large flowers of mixed pastel shades. Part shade. H: 20". {New}


         X 'Anna Warner' 60cm. Pink with lavender overtones and lemon yellow throat. (15cm.) Tetraploid. Mid season. H: 24".

         X 'Antique Rose' 60cm. Soft light pink bi-tone. Mid season. H: 24".

         X 'Awesome Blossom' 50cm. Huge, rose-red blossoms with clear purple edge and eye.  (12 cm.) Early to mid season. H: 20-22".

         X 'Baltimore Oriole' 60cm. Velvet red.  Mid season.

         X 'Beauty to Behold' 60cm. Ruffled, lemon yellow petals with green throat. Tetraploid. (15 cm.) Mid season. H: 24".

         X 'Bela Lugosi' 75cm. Large, deep rich purple flowers with yellow throat. (15cm.) Mid season. H: 30".

         X 'Big Smile' 60cm. Large, lemon yellow flowers with heavily ruffled pink edges. (10 cm.)  Mid season. H: 24".

         X 'Brocaded Gown' 67cm. A classic.  Lemon, cream self.  Very full, recurved, and ruffled blooms. (15 cm.) H: 27".

         X 'Butterscoth Ruffles' 60cm. Buff yellow with peach overtones. Very creped and ruffled blooms. (8 cm.) Early.

         X 'Chicago Ruby' 60cm. Strong, deep red self with yellow throat. (10 cm.) Mid season. H: 24".

         X 'Chicago Sunrise' 70cm. Very strong, bright tangerine orange. Extended bloomer. Tetraploid. (15 cm.) Mid season. H: 28".

         X 'Chorus Line' 53cm. Stunning,  ruffled pink with a rose band and green throat. Very fragrant. (9 cm.) Early season. H: 21".

         X 'Cute as can Be' 45cm. Double dark pink with a purple ring. Mid season. H: 18".

         X 'Dad's Best White' 70cm. Large and airy blooms are close to white in colour. (15 cm.) Mid season. Vigorous grower. H: 28".

         X 'Darling Deception' 30cm. Stunning flowers radiating from light purple to dark purple, with heavily ruffled edges. (12 cm.) Mid season. H: 12".

         X 'David Kirchoff' 80cm. Dark velvet-red flowers heavily ruffled with yellow. (12 cm.) Early to mid season. H: 31".

         X 'Ed Murray' 63cm. Very showy, deep blackish-red with yellow throat. (10 cm.) Mid season. H: 25".

         X 'Edge of Darkness' 60cm. Large, fragrant flowers with dark purple picotee edge. (12 cm.)  Purple eye zone and yellow throat.  Late summer. H: 24".

         X 'Elegant Candy' 70cm. Heavily ruffled, pink flowers and beautiful red eye zone. July-August. H: 28".

         X 'Fire and fog' 70cm. Amazing color intensity.  Deep fuchsia-pink center, edged with pale yellow. Mid-summer blooming. H: 28".

         X 'Flames of Fortune' 76cm. Melon colour with a frosting of pink and a darker heart. Stunning effect. (14cm.) Tetraploid. Strong grower. Medium-early. H: 30".

         X 'Flava Major' 70cm. Golden yellow. (8 cm.) Fragrant. Early June. H: 28".

         X 'French Lingerie' 90cm. Soft lavender blooms with heavily ruffled yellow edges. Yellow eye. (12 cm.) H: 35".

         X 'Happy Returns' 45cm. Popular. Soft yellow with heavy bloom and compact growth habit. Early with constant re-bloom. H: 18".

         X 'Highland Lord' 55cm. Beautiful, wine red, double blooms. Very large. (12 cm.) Tetraploid. Extended bloom. H: 21".

         X 'Light Years Away' 55cm. Clear pink blooms with bright yellow throats and ruffled pink-yellow edges. (12 cm.) Mid season. H: 24".

         X 'Magnificient Rainbow' 75cm. Lavender pink with clear purple eye and yellow halo.  Re-blooming. Mid-late season.  H: 20".

         X 'Malaysian Monarch' 60cm. Purple with wide, creamy-white throat. H: 24".

         X 'Raspberry Candy' 70cm. Fragrant, cream flowers with ruffled petals and red eye. Tetraploid. Extended bloomer. H: 28".

         X 'Real Wind' 70cm. Very striking, pinky-orange with a deep rose halo. Large, open flower. Vigorous grower. (12 cm.) Tetraploid. Mid season. H: 28".

         X 'Royal Mountie' 60cm. Strong red self. Tetraploid. Fragrant. Mid to late season. H: 24".

         X 'Siloam Shocker' 55cm. Ruffled cream blooms with a cherry red eye zone and green throat. Dramatic contrast. (8 cm.) Mid season.

         X 'Siloam Ury Winniford' 58cm. Deep cream with a striking black-purple eye. (8.5 cm.) Medium-early. Extended bloom. H: 23".

         X 'Space Coast Starburst' 60cm. Soft lavender-pink flowers with a ruffled gold edge and golden-yellow eye. (10 cm.) Early-mid season. Tetraploid. H: 24".

         X 'Spider Miracle' 70cm. Huge, striking, yellow-green spider (18 cm.) The most dramatic spider-type. Mid season. H: 28".

         X 'Stella de Oro' 30cm. The best known daylily due to length of its bloom period. Excellent dwarf. Plants produce an abundance of dainty golden yellow flowers. (6.25 cm.) Flowers early and re-blooms until late August. H: 12".

         X 'Strawberry Candy' 60cm. Strawberry red with dark centre. (10 cm.)  Stout Silver Medal 1998. H: 24".

         X 'Strawberry Fields Forever 60cm. Clear pink with a wide, dark pink throat. Ruffled and fragrant. H: 22".

         X 'Tuscawilla Tigress' 63cm. Slightly ruffled, bright orange flowers have a lighter midrib and darker orange eye. (15 cm.) H: 24".

         X 'Wineberry Candy' 65cm. Fragrant, medium-sized blooms. Round, ruffled lavender-orchid. Purple eye zone, green throat. H: 24".

         X 'You Angel You' 45cm. Creamy, double blooms with red center. (6 cm.) Mid season. H: 18".


         villosa 'Bronze Wave' 45cm. Big, bold, lustrous, and near evergreen leaves of coppery purple that hold their color through the growing season. Creamy white flowers. H: 18".

         villosa 'Caramel' 36cm. Vigorous villosa type tolerates heat and humidity. Delicate sprays of white flowers bloom above caramel-colored leaves. Partial sun. H: 12".

         villosa 'Mocha' 45cm. A monster plant with huge, bronze-purple pubescent leaves with royal purple undersides. The darkest of the new French introductions to date. Very vigorous with good sun and heat tolerance. Creamy white flowers.

         X 'Blackout' 15cm. Forms small tight compact mounds of very dark, almost black, foliage. H: 6". W: 12". Grow in shade or partial shade. Creamy white flowers. {New}

         x 'Cherry Cola' 45cm. The gently-lobed leaves form a low mound in a red-brown tone, with taller stems of cherry-red to salmon bell flowers appearing in late spring and early summer. H: 15-18".

         X 'Crimson Curls' 25cm. White. Ruffled and curled, crimson and black foliage. Sun or shade. Any soil. F: late spring and summer. H: 10".

         X 'Forever Purple' 25cm. The best purple foliage. It forms a mound of glossy, purple leaves with fluted edges. Purple-pink flowers. 10 X 18". {New}

         X 'French Quarter' 25cm. A stunning Heuchera with fantastically variegated foliage. Some leaves are green and cream, others are peach and burgundy. Part sun. Showy red flowers. H: 10".

         X 'Frosted Violet' 20cm. A large stately plant. One of the most colourful selections yet. Foliage first emerges maroon-purple with reddish undersides and matures to a deep plum-purple with deep purple veins. Strong, vigorous grower. Pink flowers. H: 15-20". W: 24".

         X 'Georgia Peach' 50cm. Strawberry-coloured leaves measure 8" in diameter. Plants are bred to be heat tolerant. Cream colored flowers. H: 18-24". {New}

         X 'Marmalade' 20cm. White flowers. Rich, shiny foliage in shades from umber to deep sienna. Long flowering. Part shade. Vigorous replacement for 'Amber Waves.' H: 8".

         X 'Monet' 25cm. Light green speckled leaves with small red flowers. Attracts hummingbirds. F: June. H: 10".

         X 'Obsidian' 25cm. Cream. Lustrous red-black foliage. H: 10".

         X 'Pink Pearls' 40cm. Extremely floriferous with gorgeous pink flowers. Compact plants have orange-pink leaves. H: 15-18". {New}

         X 'Rave On' 50cm. Silver-veined leaves on compact plants give rise to huge masses of pink flowers. Full sun to part-shade. June. H: 20".

         X 'Sashay' 25cm. One of the best and most unusual.  Extremely ruffled leaves are green on top and purple underneath. Dan Heims, the breeder, says: "The purple peeks from the edges as you sashay by." Sun or part-shade. Moist soil. H: 10".

         X 'Solar Power' 30cm. Leaves are yellow-gold to lime and splashed with deep red. White flowers. H: 12".


         X 'Carafe Bordeaux' 80cm. Forms a dense, upright mound of dark green leaves. The huge flowers are cherry red blushed with pink. Late summer. Full sun. H: 32".

         X 'Cranberry Crush' 100cm. The 8", scarlet red flowers appear on lush, shiny, deep green plants. Heavy bloomer. Sun, well-drained soil. H: 40".

         X 'Fantasia' 90cm. Compact plant with rounded form, 3-lobed, maple-shaped green leaves. Prolific bloomer with 8-9" lavender flowers in August-Sept. H: 36".

         X 'Fireball' 120cm. Finely cut foliage with a purplish blush and reddish veins. Huge, 10-12", burgundy-red flowers. August-Sept. H: 48".

         X 'Kopper King' 120cm. White with red eye. Leaves have consistent copper-red coloring with more orange undersides. Huge, 12" flowers. Sun. H: 48".

         X 'Lord Baltimore' 120cm. Plants form an upright, bushy mound well-suited to the back of a perennial border. This hybrid selection has huge, brilliant red blossoms on a tall, bushy plant. {New}

         X 'Midnight Marvel 90cm. Huge, deep scarlet-red flowers (8-9"), over a bushy clump of deep wine-purple foliage. Sun. H: 36-48".

         X 'Plum Crazy' 120cm. Dark purple, maple-cut leaves with 10" rosy-purple flowers. Flowers have dark purple veins near the edges of the petals and a dark purple eye. August-Sept. H: 48".

         X 'Sultry Kiss' 135cm. Huge, 9-10" fuchsia-red flowers overtop a large 4-5 foot plant. Sun.


         androsaemum 'Albury Purple' 60cm. Bushy plants have dusky purple leaves. Yellow flowers are followed by showy clusters of berries that change from pink to red to black. Great container plant. Cut back to 8 inches in the spring. Full sun, part-shade. H: 24".

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         sempervirens 'Alexander's White' 25cm. Beautiful, compact mound with delicate evergreen foliage. Pure white flowers in early spring. Prefers a well-drained soil. Full sun or partial shade. 10" X 18". {New}


         pallida 'Aureo-Marginata' 50cm. Leaves are golden-yellow with  grey-green stripes running lengthwise. Light blue flowers. H: 22".

         pseudacorus  100cm. Yellow. Excellent specimen with a strong, vertical foliage effect. Large flowers. Grows well in moist locations, even directly in water. F: June. H: 40".

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         koreana  90cm. Open and upward-facing yellow flowers.

         palmata  120cm. Canary yellow. Attractive foliage plant with showy, fleshy flowers in early fall. Bush form. Sun or shade. F: Sept. H: 48".


         macedonica 'Mars Midget' 30cm. Compact. Forms a low mound of grey-green leaves, bearing small, ruby-red button flowers that open in succession over several months. Sun. H: 12".

         X 'Thunder and Lightning' 35cm. Produces rich ruby red, double flowers above light green and cream foliage to create a completely unique combination of colors. Blooms June-September. Full sun part-shade. Prefers a well-drained soil. 14" X 18".

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         galeobdolon 'Herman's Pride' 30cm. Semi-upright, non-spreading, clump-forming type. The pointed serrated leaves are heavily veined with metallic silver. Drought resistant. Sun or shade. Yellow flowers. 12x18".


         olbia 'Barnsley' 120cm. Pink. Semi-woody, upright, shrub-like perennial blooms all summer. Grows in full sun in a well-drained soil. H: 48".


         intermedia 'Phenomenal' 60cm. Vigorous and very hardy. The silver foliage is very aromatic, and great for cutting. Lavender flowers in early summer. Cut back hard in early spring. Well-drained soil. 24" X 24". {New}


         angustifolia 'Munstead' 45cm. Lavender. Short, shrubby herb with aromatic, gray foliage. Grow in full sun in a poor, well-drained soil. The hardiest variety. H: 18".


         squalida  5cm. A cushion- to mat-forming, spreading, evergreen perennial. Finely-divided, mid to bright green leaves are flushed purple to bronze. Moist, well-drained soil. Full sun, part-shade. Tolerates some foot traffic. 2" X 12".

         squalida 'Platt's Black' 5cm. Brass Buttons. Formerly named Cotula. Bronzy-black, feathery foliage. Good along pathways. Part sun, shade. Insignificant flowers.


         superbum 'Becky' 90cm. White. Large, single daisies with yellow center. Robust and free flowering. H: 36".

         superbum 'Real Charmer' 55cm. Creamy, lemon fringed petals with deep golden centers. Blooms all summer. H:22".

         superbum 'Real Dream' 45cm. Large flowers have 3 layers of greenish-yellow petals and large golden centers. Yellow petals fade to white as they mature. H: 16"-18".

         superbum 'Real Galaxy' 50cm. Double, white, fringed petals with large golden centers, strong stems, and increased flower production. H: 20-22".

         superbum 'Real Glory' 75cm. Long, slender, white rays surround a mass of shorter, frilly, yellow petals with a darker yellow eye in the center. Long blooming with strong stems. H: 30".


         spicata 'Kobold' 45cm. Pinkish-purple. Excellent cut flower. Drought tolerant. Native. Naturalizes in meadows. Full sun. F: July-Aug. H: 18".


         dentata 'Britt-Marie Crawford' 75cm. Yellow, daisy-like flowers in late summer. Dark leaves stay purple red. Moist shade. H: 30".

         prezwalskii  150cm. Graceful, elegant, bottle-brush-like, yellow flower spikes rise above purple-black stems. Serrated foliage. July-August. Grow in a rich moist soil, shade to part-shade. H: 60".

         stenocephala 'Little Rocket' 70cm. Slightly more compact version. Tall, stately, yellow flowers appear in late summer. Very attractive foliage all summer. Moist soil, part-shade. H: 27".

         X 'Little Lantern' 50cm. Dwarf, compact form. Large, conical heads of bright-yellow flowers above elegant, heart-shaped leaves. Prefers shade, part-shade in a moist fertile soil. H: 20".

         X Osiris Cafe Noir' 60cm. Golden-yellow. Forms a mid-sized mound of large, jagged-edged leaves that emerge deep black-purple, ageing to bronze shades and eventually to olive green. Shade to part sun. H: 24". {New}

         X 'Osiris Fantasy' 60cm. Heart-shaped leaves have a thick rubbery texture. The serrated leaf margins are undulating, revealing the glossy burgundy underside. Golden yellow, daisy-like flowers appear on purple stems just above the foliage. Moist shade, part-shade. H: 24".


         cardinalis  70cm. Tall spikes of bright, scarlet-red flowers in late summer. Prefers a moist soil in partial shade. Short lived, but self-seeds. H: 27".


         spp. 'Galery Blue' 90cm. Showy spikes of blue and white flowers in June. Shade or sun, prefers a rich moist soil. H: 36".

         X 'Tutti Frutti Mix' 90cm. Enormous flower spikes and exceptional bi-colour flowers. Forms large dense clumps. Flower spikes up to 2' long. June. Sun. H: 36".


         nummularia 'Goldilocks' 10cm. Fast-spreading groundcover. Small, rounded, golden leaves form a dense cover. Yellow flowers are quite large and showy. Sun or shade. 4" X 24". {New}

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         X 'Park Rondell' 125cm. Pale pink. Semi-double flowers with distinct venation. Full sun. Requires excellent winter drainage. F: July-August. H: 50".


         didyma 'Fireball' 45cm. Short-growing, compact plant with bright pink-red flowers. Mildew resistant. Fragrant leaves make a delicious tea. Sun. H: 18".

         didyma 'Jacob Cline' 120cm. Very tall and very mildew resistant. Produces exceptionally large (5"), deep red flowers. Sun. H: 48". {New}

         didyma 'Pardon my Pink' 25cm. A great compact dwarf form with hot pink flowers in early summer. 10" X 14". {New}

         didyma 'Petite Delight' 30cm. Lavender pink. Excellent dwarf variety with good mildew resistance. Sun. F: July. H: 12".

         didyma 'Raspberry Wine' 50cm. Wine red. Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. Mildew resistant. Aromatic, mint-like foliage. Do not allow to dry out. Sun. H: 20".

         X 'Balmy Purple' 30cm. A great, compact dwarf form with bright purple flowers in early summer. 12" X 12". {New}

         X 'Cherry Pops' 45cm. 6 cm wide, cherry-red flowers appear on square stems just above the foliage. Early summer. Compact. 18" X 18". {New}

         X 'Grand Marshall' 60cm. Large, shaggy, fuchsia-purple flowers on a mid-sized plant in mid to late summer. Canadian intro. Full sun, any soil. H: 18-20". W: 24-28".

         X 'Purple Rooster' 90cm. Large, true royal purple flowers are produced in late summer on clean, mildew-free plants. 3 foot tall plants do not require staking. Sun.


         auxillaris 'Nana' 5cm. Fast growing, spreading groundcover plant with tiny, lustrous foliage. Flowers are of no value, but white berries will form toward the end of summer. Can be walked on. Full sun to part-shade. Soil tolerant. H: 2".


         rossi 'Crimson Fans' 15cm. Foliage plant. Maple-like foliage emerges a mid-green then ages to a bronze-green with red tips. Slow growing groundcover. Delicate, white, star-shaped flowers. Full sun or part-shade. H: 6".

         X 'Karasuba' 25cm. Delicate, white, star-shaped flowers in early spring. Beautiful foliage all summer. Turns red in the fall. Bright shade. H: 8-12 ".


         X 'Flame' 20cm. Compact mounds of shiny, leathery-thick leaves with jagged edges. Pink flowers in early spring. Great fall colour. A cross between Mukdenia and Bergenia. 12" X 18". {New}

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         faassenii 'Six Hills Giant' 70cm. Vigorous grower with fragrant, grey-green leaves. Plants are covered with lavender-blue flowers in June and July. Drought resistant. Effective as a low hedge. H: 24". Sun.

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         fremontii 'Shimmer' 25cm. 2.5 inch wide, lemon yellow, crepe paper blossoms. The foliage is lacy, with very narrow, silvery green leaves. A smaller Oenothera. Flowers in the spring and late summer/fall. Tough and drought tolerant. Sun. H: 10"

         missouriensis  20cm. Yellow. Sprawling plant with waxy, bluish-green foliage. Large, up-facing, cupped flowers have a crepe-like texture. Best used in a large rock garden, trailing over boulders. Very drought resistant. Sun. F: July-August. H: 8". W: 28".

         triloba  15cm. The large, yellow flowers open in the evening and close in the morning. Plant it where it can be appreciated! Short-lived, but will self-seed. Full sun and drought tolerant. H: 6".

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         anomala  65cm. Deep, single red. First peony to flower. Compact plant with delicate, cut leaf foliage. Full sun, part-shade. H: 26".

         itoh 'Bartzella' 65cm. Itoh hybrid. Exceptionally large flowers are double to semi-double with soft sulphur-yellow petals and a lemony fragrance. A hit in our gardens. Herbaceous. Sun, part-shade. H: 25".

         Itoh 'Sequestered Sunshine' 70cm. The very large, single blooms feature clear yellow petals around a tuft of yellow stamens. Good long stems, excellent for cutting. H: 25"-29".

         japonica 'Eva' 70cm. Single, bright pink flowers with showy yellow stamens. Med. early. Sun, part-shade. H: 28".

         lactiflora 'Flame' 60cm. Rosy coral-red. Single, bright flowers with golden yellow stamens. Compact and free-flowering, this one stands out. Grow in full sun in a rich moist soil. F: May. H: 24".

         lactiflora 'Scarlet O'Hara' 75cm. Fiery red. Very large, single flowers with yellow centers. Robust, low growing plant. F: early spring. H: 30".

         lactiflora 'Shirley Temple' 100cm. Pink. Big, fluffy, classic double. White with a pink blush. Mid-season. F: June. H: 40".

         lactiflora 'Sword Dance' 75cm. Single, dark red flowers with showy, yellow stamens. Late. H: 30".

         wittmanniana  80cm. A lovely species peony, originally given to us by a customer. Pale yellow to white single blooms with rusty red anthers and orange-red stigmas.  This is a very striking and unusual peony.

         X 'Barrington Belle' 85cm. Rose red-purple. Vibrant petals with creamy yellow stamens. Japanese-type. Mid season. Sun, part-shade. H: 34".

         X 'Bunker Hill' 80cm. Purple. Vibrant double flowers.  Mid season. Sun, part-shade. H: 32".

         X 'Do Tell' 90cm. Japanese-type with soft shell pink outer petals cupping a rose, pink, and white center. A very pleasing colour combination. Lightly fragrant. Mid-season. Sun, part-shade. H: 34".

         X 'Early Scout' 55cm. Dark red, single flowers with large, showy yellow stamens. Finely dissected foliage is attractive all season. Early. Sun, part-shade. H: 20-24".

         X 'Honey Gold' 60cm. White. Large, single flowers with very large, showy, yellow centers. Sun, part-shade. F: late May-early June. H: 24".


         canbyi  25cm. Evergreen groundcover. Sun/shade. H: 10".


         digitalis 'Dark Towers' 85cm. Glossy, bronze-red foliage with tall spikes of 2-3" pale pink, tubular flowers. Darker than Husker's Red and better flowering. Sun, part-shade.

         X 'Blue Riding Hood' 45cm. Sky blue flowers with white beards. Long blooming. Its well-branched, compact habit is 18-24" tall.

         X 'Hot Pink Riding Hood' 45cm. Hot pink flowers on a compact plant. Long blooming. Early summer. Sun, part-shade. H: 18".

         X 'Purple Riding Hood' 45cm. Dark violet-purple flowers on a compact plant. Long blooming. Early summer. Sun, part-shade. H: 18".

         X 'Red Riding Hood' 45cm. Bright scarlet flowers on a compact plant. Long blooming. H: 18in. Early summer. Sun, part-shade.


         abrotanoides  90cm. Blue. Fine textured, grey-green leaves. Sun, well-drained soil. F: early August-late Sept. H: 36".

         abrotanoides 'Lacey Blue' 40cm. Silver-blue. The shortest to date, with the largest flowers. Sun, well-drained soil. H: 12-18".

         atriplicifolia 'Peek-a-Blue' 60cm. A short selection with showy, purple-blue flowers and finely dissected, lacy, silvery-green leaves. Sun, well-drained soil. H: 24".

         X 'Little Spire' 60cm. Lavender blue. Dwarf selection with upright habit, pyramidal shaped growth, and grey-blue foliage. Continuous blooming. Sun, well-drained soil. F: late July-Sept. H: 24".


         amplexicaulis 'Blackfield' 70cm. Dark blood-red flowers open from black-red buds in spikes. Sun, part-shade. July-October. H: 28". {New}

         amplexicaulis 'Firetail' 90cm. Large spikes of bright crimson red flowers over bushy clumps of attractive foliage. Late summer. Sun or part-shade. H: 34".

         amplexicaulis 'Pink Elephant' 40cm. Shorter and more compact with larger goose-neck spikes of pink flowers through the summer. Sun to part-shade. H: 16".

         filiformis 'Painters Palette' 60cm. Exotic, large, oval leaves are marbled in shades of pink, white, and green, with a dark brown center. Delicate pink flowers emerge in late summer. Requires a well-drained soil. Sun or shade. H: 24".

         polymorpha  150cm. Big and bold, the creamy-white flowers are showy from early July until September. Great accent plant. Sun to part-shade. Moisture loving as well as drought tolerant. 5 feet tall by 4 feet wide.

         polymorpha 'Fats Domino' 80cm. Chunky, dark red-purple flowers on long racemes. A free and continuous, upright flowering habit. Mid to late summer and onwards. Sun, part-shade. 30" X 30".

         X 'Golden Arrow' 50cm. Very bright golden yellow foliage is effective all season. Delicate, red flower spikes. Excellent groundcover. Sun or shade. Moist soil. Flowers in  summer. H: 20".


         paniculata 'Coral Flame' 40cm. Dwarf and compact with very large, coral red flower heads. Plants bloom earlier and are fairly mildew resistant. F: July. Sun. H: 16".

         paniculata 'Early Start Pink' 25cm. Dense heads of smaller, rich pink flowers with a darker red eye. Hybrid that blooms three to four weeks earlier than most other varieties. F: late June. Very compact and  well branched. Sun. H: 10-12".

         paniculata 'Junior Bouquet' 50cm. Large heads of dark pink flowers with reddish-purple centers. Plants branch freely and continue to bloom from lateral branches all summer. Fragrant with good mildew resistance. F: July-August. Sun. H: 18-22". {New}

         paniculata 'Laura' 90cm. Flowers have fuchsia-purple petals that bleed into pure white centres. Fragrant. Long blooming. Mildew resistant. F: July-August. H:36".

         paniculata 'Lilac Flame' 40cm. Very dwarf cultivar. Lilac-purple with white centers.  Earlier flowering and may re-bloom if deadheaded. Sun. F: July. H: 16".

         paniculata 'Pixie Miracle Grace' 40cm. Fragrant, lavender-purple flowers with white centers and dark stems. H: 16". Short and compact with good mildew resistance and exceptionally long bloom time. F: July-August. Sun.

         paniculata 'Pixie Twinkle' 50cm. Clusters of baby pink flowers with a darker pink center. Plants are compact, mildew resistant and long blooming. Sun. F: July-August. H: 15".

         paniculata 'Red Flame' 40cm. Fragrant, intense red flowers with a slight purple tinge. Plants are compact and mildew-resistant. F: August. Sun. 16" X 18".

         paniculata 'Red Riding Hood' 55cm. Fragrant, bright cherry red, flowers. F: Mid-July-August. Sun. H: 22".

         paniculata 'Shockwave' 45cm. Lavender flowers have a white starburst center. The dramatic foliage is dark green with broad, bright yellow edges, fading to cream. Sun. F: late August-September. Compact and mildew-resistant. 18" X 18".

         paniculata 'Starfire' 90cm. An old-fashioned favorite of ours. The bronzy-red leaves are effective all season. Very showy, scarlet red flowers late in the season. Good mildew resistance. F: August. Sun. H: 36".

         paniculata 'Younique Bicolor' 40cm. Extremely compact. Soft pink and white flower color. Sun. F: late July. H: 16".

         Paparazzi 'Lindsay' 20cm. Plants are covered with fragrant, rose pink flowers in spring. Foliage is attractive all season. Drought resistant. 8" X 16". {New}


         americana 'Silberstein' 125cm. It's the American pokeweed, dressed to kill, with creamy leaves speckled and flecked in green, in delightful contrast to the screaming red-purple stems. Slow to attain mature size. Full sun to part-shade. Prefers a moist soil. 4 x 4'.


         grandiflorus 'Sentimental Blue' 25cm. Dwarf variety with large, violet-blue flowers. F: early July to late August. H: 10".

         X 'Astra Double Blue' 20cm. Dwarf balloon flower with fully double, blue flowers. June. Sun, well-drained. H: 8-10".


         hexandrum  40cm. May Apple. Wonderful woodland plant slowly spreads to form a dense mat. Plants go dormant in late summer. White flowers form an interesting small fruit. H: 16".


         caerulum 'Bressingham Purple' 40cm. Electric lavender blue flowers in June. The dark purple foliage emerges early in spring and is attractive all season. Sun or part-shade. Any garden soil. H: 15".

         reptans 'Stairway to Heaven' 50cm. Striking cultivar with pink blush variegated foliage and blue flowers.  Effective until late November. Sun or shade. H: 20".

         X 'Touch of Class' 35cm. Similar to 'Stairway to Heaven' with more pure white variegation (no yellowing). Vigorous grower with showy, pale lavender flowers in late spring. Shade or part-sun. Foliage is effective past November. Shade to part-sun. Rich soil. H: 14".


         falcatum  40cm. A diminutive form of Solomon's Seal. Dwarf, compact plant with dangling white bells in early spring. Shade. H: 14". {New}

         hirtum  50cm. Superb Solomon's Seal with the same graceful habit of taller varieties on a compact plant. Wide, glossy, green leaves with creamy dangling bells. Fast growing groundcover. Excellent plant for a naturalized area or woodland garden. H: 20".

         humile  15cm. White. Charming, dwarf Solomon's Seal which eventually forms a carpet of upright stems with wing-like pleated leaves. Needs adequate moisture. H: 6".

         multiflorum  70cm. Greenish-white. Classic woodland plant. Shade or part-shade. Moist soil. F: June. H: 28".

         multiflorum 'Variegata' 70cm. Lightly edged with a creamy white margin. Shade, part-shade. F: May. H: 28".

         X 'Silver Wings' 40cm. Cream. Dwarf form with bell-shaped flowers. Twisted leaves have silver backs. Shade, part-shade. H: 16".


         vulgaris 'Rubra' 20cm. Red. Flowers in late April. Requires good drainage and a good supply of organic matter. H: 8".

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         aesculifolia  120cm. Creamy white. Exotic looking leaves resemble those of a Horse Chestnut. Part-shade, moisture-loving. F: June-July. H: 48".

         pinnata 'Bloody Mary' 60cm. Dark pink flowers In June and dark foliage in spring. Shade/sun. H: 24".

         pinnata 'Chocolate Wings' 100cm. Wonderful, bold, shrub-like plant with dark chocolate brown foliage in spring that matures to a bronze-green. Flowers are white-tinged pink. Part-shade. H: 40".

         pinnata 'Die Stolze' 80cm. Orange-pink. Very effective foliage plant forming a bush-like effect. Shade or Sun. Rich soil. F: early June. H: 32".

         pinnata 'Firework' 85cm. Bright reddish-pink. Very effective foliage plant forms a bush-like effect. Shade or sun. Rich soil. F: early June. H: 30".

polyphylla  80cm. Creamy white. Tall plant. Full sun to part-shade. H: 32".


         fulgida 'Goldstrum' 60cm. Produces a dazzling display of flowers for the summer border. Blooms from July to late Sept. Attractive seed heads. Very adaptable. Sun. H: 24".

         hirta 'Denver Daisy' 45cm. This mid-sized strain produces large, golden-yellow daisies on a black cone, surrounded by a big, mahogany-red eye. Excellent cut flower. Sun. H: 18-20".

         maxima  150cm. Golden yellow. Huge, silvery blue leaves with golden daisies. Sun. F: July-Sept. H: 60".

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         nemerosa 'Sensation Deep Blue' 30cm. Compact and heavy flowering with deep blue to purple upright inflorescences. Early flowering. Full sun. H: 12". {New}

         nemerosa 'Sensation Rose' 30cm. Compact form with dense spikes of clear pink flowers in June. Sun. H: 10-12". {New}


         canadensis 'Plena' 15cm. Large, fully double, white flowers appear before the foliage in very early spring. Foliage goes dormant by late June. Woodland setting. H: 6".


         columbaria 'Butterfly Blue' 35cm. Lavender-blue. A tender variety that produces large, semi-double flowers on a short, compact plant. Mulch for winter protection. F: May-August. H: 14".


         album 'Coral Carpet' 5cm. Forms a low carpet of small, rounded green leaves that are clustered together like little beads. Excellent groundcover for a hot and dry location. Fast spreading. 2" X 24". {New}

         kamtschaticum  15cm. Golden yellow. Early flowerer. Flowers do not have a dark centre. F: June-July. H: 6".

         spectabilis 'Class Act' 50cm. A compact form of the upright sedum with large, deep carmine-pink flower clusters that age to russet. 20" X 24". {New}

         sunsparkler 'Cherry Tart' 15cm. Unique, cherry-like foliage forms a dense, low mound. 5" clusters of pink flowers bloom from mid-late summer. Drought resistant. H: 6-8".

         tetractinum 'Coral Reef' 12cm. This unique sedum has exceptionally thick leaves not unlike an indoor Jade Plant. Makes a nice looking groundcover. Spectacular fall colours. H: 3-6 ". {New}

         X 'Angelina' 10cm. Fast-spreading groundcover with bright golden foliage. Hot and dry. H: 4". W: 18".

         X 'Autumn Charm' 60cm. Greenish-blue leaves are edged with a creamy yellow margin that becomes almost white as the season progresses. Young leaves have serrated margins. Very floriferous, they form large clusters of light pink flowers. {New}

         X 'Dazzleberry' 20cm. Bright raspberry-red flowers completely cover the plants in August and September. Smoky blue-gray foliage transitions to dark purple in late summer. 9" X 16".

         X 'Firecraker' 15cm. Cherry-red foliage with bright pink flowers in August. Forms a dense mound 12" wide. H: 6". {New}

         X 'Lime Twister' 15cm. Stunning, cream-colored edges on every leaf. Forms a bright mound, or use as a groundcover. Pink flowers. 6" X 16". {New}

         X 'Lime Zinger' 15cm. Bright lime green leaves edged in cherry red and topped for several weeks by flop-resistant pink blooms. 6" X 18". {New}

         X 'Maestro' 45cm. Large, blue-green leaves on purple stems. Foliage darkens to purple in the heat. H: 18".

         X 'Mr. Goodbud' 40cm. Plants are neat and bushy, well-branched, and compact. Large 5-6" clusters of vibrant purple-pink flowers on purple-red stems in late summer. H: 16".

         X 'Xenox' 25cm. Pink. Sturdy, compact, blue foliage on strong stems. H: 10".

         X Sedoro 'Blue Elf' 7cm. Sedum x Orostachys hybrid! Beautiful, tight, green rosettes are topped with a stunning display of pink flowers in late summer. Drought resistant. 3" X 15". {New}


         oregana 'Brilliant' 70cm. Wonderful group of summer flowering plants. Deep rose blooms. (Dwarf form of Hollyhocks)  H: 27".


         stellata  50cm. 20" stems arise from the underground rhizomes. Each stem is clothed in 15-18 blue-green leaves arranged spirally around the stem. Stalks are topped with short but attractive spikes of small white flowers in May. Red berries in fall. Vigorous. Shade.


         stellata  50cm. 20" stems arise from the underground rhizomes. Each stem is clothed in 15-18 blue-green leaves arranged spirally around the stem. Stalks are topped with short but attractive spikes of small white flowers in May. Red berries in fall. Vigorous. Shade.


         densiflora  30cm. Magenta. An under-used species. The near-evergreen leaves are grey-green and hug the ground neatly. Very effective colour for the summer border. Good for drying. Tolerates wet soils. Sun or partial shade. F: July. H: 12".


         laevies 'Peachie's Pick' 45cm. Lavender-blue flowers bloom in mid-summer. Long-lasting. Strong stems are good for cut flowers. Sun. 18" X 18". {New}

         laevis 'Honeysong Purple' 30cm. Large, vivid, dark purple flowers with a contrasting reddish-pink center on a nice, compact grower. Must have well-drained soil. Not reliably hardy. H: 12". {New}

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         chamaedrys 'Summer Sunshine' 25cm. Purple-blue. Excellent groundcover with bright chartreuse leaves. Fast grower, but non-invasive. Sun or shade. Drought resistant. F: July-August. H: 10". {New}


         minus  45cm. Dwarf selection.

         rochebrunianum  170cm. Tall, attractive foliage with masses of open panicles of pink flowers over an extended period. Excellent for flower arranging. Tolerates full shade. Late July to mid-Sept. Prefers a rich moist soil, but is very tolerant. A Kiwi favorite. H: 60".

         X 'Black Stockings' 120cm. Lacy foliage forms a tall clump with near-black stems. Large clusters of bright lavender-magenta flowers in mid-summer. Bright woodland. H: 48".

         X 'Splendide' 100cm. This variety features wispy, cloud-like, lilac-pink flowers that emerge on slender, graceful stems in late summer. Lobed, gray-green, columbine-like leaves set the stage for the blooms. Deer resistant. Plants need support. Sun, part-shade. H: 40".


         praecox 'Purple Carpet' 5cm. Fast-growing dark green leaves turning purplish in late summer. Purple flowers in late spring. Full sun, well-drained soil. H: 2".


         andersoniana 'Red Grape' 40cm. Dusky wine red flowers on a compact, grey-green mound. Sun to part-shade. H: 16".

         X 'Sunshine Charm' 45cm. Forms a mound of grassy-looking leaves of a bright golden-yellow to chartreuse shade. Lovely, mauve-purple, triangular flowers appear for several weeks in early summer. Cut back for re-bloom. Part shade. H: 18".

         X 'Sweet Kate' 50cm. Steel blue flowers with golden yellow foliage. Part shade. F: late June to September.


         hirta 'Albo marginata' 60cm. Foliage has creamy yellow edge.  Flowers are large and heavily spotted. Part shade. F: early Sept-late Oct. H: 24".

         X 'Blue Wonder' 60cm. Exquisite cut flower. Interesting, blue-mauve flowers in September. Foliage is attractive all season. Part-shade, well-drained soil.

         X 'Golden Festival' 40cm. Compact, green foliage with clusters of yellow, orchid-like flowers with maroon spots. Vigorous grower with excellent branching habit.

         X 'Lemon Twist' 30cm. A vigorous hybrid with large, light green, speckled leaves. Late season blooms are light yellow with small spots. Charming. Shade to part sun. H: 12".

         X 'Lightning Strike' 60cm. Striking variegation in the leaves ranges from streaking gold to gold with green lightning edge. Shade or part-shade. Moist soil. F: Sept.-Oct. H: 24".

         X 'Moonlight' 25cm. Compact hybrid has thick, beautifully blotched leaves that form a compact 10" x 10" clump. Starting in late summer, the clumps are topped with large, buttery-yellow flowers held just above the foliage. Part shade. 10 X 10".

         X 'Togen' 60cm. Lavender-pink. Lovely, unspotted, white-throated flowers. Foliage is also unspotted. Flowers have a darker edge. Shade. Moist soil. F: Sept.-Oct. H: 24".


         erectum (Red Trillium) 15cm. Native Trillium with striking red flowers in early spring. Woodland. H: 6".

         recurvatum  15cm. The flowers have 3 purple to reddish-brown petals. The attractive leaves are mottled with purple. Woodland. H: 6".


         europaeus  45cm. Lemon yellow. Moist soil. Part shade to sun. F: late May-late June. H: 18".

         europaeus 'Commander in Chief' 60cm. Large, yellow globe flowers in late May. Part shade to sun. H: 24".

         europaeus 'Helios' 50cm. Large, golden yellow flowers. Shade or sun. Prefers a rich, moist soil. F: June. H: 20".

         europaeus 'Superbus' 60cm. Extra large, showy, yellow flowers in late spring are 4" in diameter. Moist soil. Part shade/sun. H: 24".

         stenopetalus  90cm. Yellow. Striking, large, bright blooms. Moist soil. Part shade/sun. F: June. H: 36".

         X 'Alabaster' 45cm. Globe shaped flowers are near white. June.  Foliage is attractive all season. Cut-back after flowering. Moist soil. Part shade/sun. H: 18".

         X 'Cheddar' 60cm. Pale yellow, near white. A show stopper. Unusually pale blooms make this trollius a standout. Partial shade. F: late May-early June. Moist soil. H: 24".

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         nigrum  90cm. Tall spikes of pale yellow-peach flowers with purple centres. Several flower spikes per plant. Forms large, silvery-green basal leaves. Short-lived, but will self-seed nicely. Full sun, dry, poor soil. H: 36".


         crinita 'Mammoth' 120cm. Rosy red. A tall plant for the naturalized garden. Great vertical effect with strong foliage. Full sun. F: Aug-Sept. H: 48".

         spicata 'Royal Candles' 38cm. Violet blue. Spiked flowers. Compact, upright growth habit. Full sun. Any soil. F: late June-July. H: 15".

         X 'Blue Explosion' 40cm. Large plumes of blue flowers are exceptionally dense and explode with masses of long-radiating spikes. Long blooming. Sun. H: 16".

         X 'Giles van Hees' 20cm. Dwarf clumps with spikes of bright rosy-pink flowers. Late summer. Sun. H: 8". {New}


         minor  15cm. Rapid-growing groundcover with fine-textured, evergreen foliage. Plants are covered with small, bluish-purple flowers in late spring. Sun or shade.


         cornuta 'Halo Lemon Frost' 20cm. Extra large flowers are yellow with a lavender edging. Flowers from late spring to early summer and tends to re-bloom in the fall. Shade tolerant. 8 X 10". {New}

         cornuta 'Halo Violet' 20cm. Extra large flowers are deep violet-blue with yellow centers and black whiskers.  Flowers from late spring to early summer and tends to re-bloom in the fall.  Shade tolerant. 8 X 10". {New}

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         ternata  15cm. Yellow. Attractive, strawberry-like leaves. Full sun or shade. Any soil. Excellent groundcover. Tolerates light foot traffic. F: May. H: 6".

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         garettii 'Orange Carpet' 20cm. Rapidly-spreading groundcover.  Clusters of orange-scarlet flowers bloom mid-late summer. Attracts hummingbirds. Well-drained soil is needed. Full sun. H: 8".  

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