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We've become quite enthusiastic about succulents at Kiwi and now grow a full assortment of these tender plants.  Offering an exotic look in a variety of shapes and sizes, succulents are strikingly unique little gems. Although they must come in for the winter or be treated as annuals, they're actually very low maintenance -- in fact, they thrive on neglect!

Through the summer, succulents prefer a hot and sunny spot in the garden, but they will also settle down quite happily in a pot or planter.  Sturdy and resourceful, their only enemy is  too much water.  For the winter, succulents can be placed in a window sill or under fluorescent lights where they will continue to slowly grow.  Even with no light, they can survive at 5C for several months, and will go dormant if kept dry.  This allows them to be stored all winter long in a heated garage, cold storage, or basement.

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Succulents: Jovibarba | Orostachys | Rosularia | Saxifraga | Sempervivum
Tender Succulents: Aloe | Cotyledon | Crassula | Echeveria | Faucaria | Fenestraria | Gasteria
Graptopetalum | Graptosedum | Graptoveria | Haworthia | Kolanchoe | Pachyveria
Portulacaria | Sanseveria | Sedeveria | Sedum | Senecio



         hirta  10cm. Similar to Sempervivums. Green rosettes. Full sun, well-drained soil. Good rock garden plant. H: 4".  

         X 'Reinhart' 10cm. Similar to Sempervivums. Full sun, well-drained soil. Good rock garden plant. H: 4".  

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         spinosum  10cm. Hardy to -40 Celsius. Similar to Sempervivums. Rosettes have a fascinating symmetry and are ever-changing through the season. An interesting, 12" tall, phallic flower appears in early fall.  

         erubescens  10cm. Succulent, similar to Sempervivum. Green, edged with amber red. Plants form a 12" tall, strange-looking, elongated flower in early fall. Slow to emerge in the spring. {New}

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         platyphylla  10cm. Similar to Sempervivum, mid-size rosettes are silvery green. Sun, well-drained soil. H: 4".  

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         cotyledon  60cm. White. Pyramidal Saxifrage. Flat rosettes of grey-green, fleshy leaves. Tall, stately, branched panicle of flowers emerges in June and remains effective until late July. Very elegant. H: 24".  

         paniculata  25cm. Medium-tall, wiry flower stems arise from a low, compact rosette.  

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         arachnoideum  5cm. Pink.  The small rosettes are covered with silvery hairs like a spider's web. Full sun. F: July. H: 2".  

         arachnoideum 'Forest Frost' 10cm. This selection has small-sized rosettes of apple-green with silvery cobweb threads. H: 4". {New}

         calcareum 'Mrs Giuseppi' 15cm. Very tight rosettes with beautiful red-tipped leaves over a grey mound. Full sun, well-drained soil. H: 6".  

         pilosella  15cm. Full sun, well-drained soil.  

         tectorum  10cm. Pinkish green. Full sun, well-drained soil. F: late July. H: 4". {New}

         tectorum 'Big Guy' 12cm. Very large rosettes with a hint of pinkish white on the edges. Full sun. Well-drained soil. H: 5".  

         tectorum 'Black Selection' 10cm. The green leaves have a black tip. {New}

         tectorum 'Commander Hay' 12cm. Fairly large green rosettes with strong red tips. Fast grower. H: 5".  

         tectorum 'Icicle' 10cm. Icicle is an eye-catching, red variety covered in white hair. Grow in full sun, well-drained soil. H: 4".  

         tectorum 'Oddity' 15cm. Unusual looking. Full sun. Well-drained soil. Drought tolerant.  

         tectorum 'Ohio Burgundy' 15cm. The large rosettes are dark burgundy with a fine dusting of silver. H: 6". {New}

         tectorum 'Owen Staples' 10cm. Grow in full sun and a well-drained soil. Drought tolerant. H: 4".  

         tectorum 'Pacific Blazing Star' 12cm. The medium-sized rosettes are pinkish red and quite unusual. H: 4". {New}

         tectorum 'Pacific Mayfair Improved' 10cm. Deep rose-red coloring with nice white fringing. Full sun, well-drained soil. H: 4".  

         tectorum 'Pacific Sexy' 10cm. Grow in full sun and a well-drained soil. Drought tolerant. H: 4".  

         tectorum 'Red Delta' 10cm. Clusters of small, narrow-leaved, brick-pink rosettes with slight cobwebbing. Full sun, well-drained soil. H: 4".  

         tectorum 'Red Heart' 10cm. Rosettes are washed with deep, ruby red. H: 4". {New}

         tectorum 'Robin' 10cm. Grow in full sun and a well-drained soil. Drought tolerant. H: 4".  

         tectorum 'Rubikon Improved' 10cm. Medium-sized, dark red rosettes. Full sun, well-drained soil. H: 4".  

         tectorum 'Ruby Heart' 10cm. The green rosettes are flushed with ruby-red at the base. H: 4". {New}

         tectorum var. calcareum 15cm. Slightly reddish tips to green rosettes. Full sun, well-drained soil. H: 6".  

         X 'Dr. Perry Goldsmith' 10cm. Medium-sized, dark red rosettes. Grow in full sun, well-drained soil. H: 4".  

         X 'Rocknoll Rosette' 10cm. Medium-sized rosettes are deep orange to wine-red, flushed with apple green at the base. Striking cultivar. H: 4". {New}

         X 'White Knight' 10cm. Medium-sized, dusty grey-green rosettes. Medium-fast  grower. H: 4".  

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Tender Succulents




         juvenna    Tiger Tooth Aloe

         variegata 'Magic'   


         X 'Crosby's Prolific'  

         X 'Pink'  

         X 'Pink Blush'  

         X 'Pinto'  

         X 'Silver'  

         X 'Zanzibar'  

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         tomentosa    Bear's Paw

         undulata    Silver Ruffles

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         argentea 'Compacta'   Compact Jade plant

         minor    Dwarf Jade plant

         ovata 'Coral'   Trumpet Jade

         ovata 'Hobbit'   Finger Jade

         ovata 'Sunset'   Golden Jade

         perforata    String of Buttons

         tetragona    Miniature Pine Tree

         X 'Gandalf'  

         X 'Springtime'   Pagoda Jade

         X 'Trailing'   Trailing Jade

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         haagai 'Tolimanensis'  

         nodulosa 'Maruba Benitsukasa'  

         shavianna 'Pink Frills'  

         X 'Azulita'  

         X 'Black Prince'  

         X 'Blue Giant'  

         X 'Blue Prince'  

         X 'Chroma'  

         X 'Dick's Pink'  

         X 'Moonglow'  

         X 'Neon Breakers'  

         X 'Perle Von Numberg'  

         X 'Princess Blue'   

         X 'Ramilette'  

         X 'Topsy Turvy'  

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         tigrina    Tiger Jaws

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         aurantiaca    Babie's Toes

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         X 'Flow'  

         X 'Little Warty'  

         X 'Prickly'  

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         paraquayense    Ghost plant

         pentandrum 'Superbum'   Ghost plant

         X 'Bellum'   Ghost plant

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         X 'California Sunset'  

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         X 'Titubans'   Mountain Rose

         X 'Titubans'     

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         attenuata 'Big Band'   Zebra Haworthia

         X 'Concolor'  

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         X 'Desert Rose'   Paddle Plant

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         X 'Little Jewel'  

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         aira 'Variegata'  

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         3 braid  

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         X 'Jet Beads'  

         X 'Letizia'  

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         makinoi 'Ogon'  

         X 'Adolphii'  

         X 'Little Missy'  

         X 'Morganianum'  

         X 'Nussbaumerianum'  

         X 'Rubrotinctum'  

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         herreianus    String of Beads

         jacobsenii    String of Pearls

         X 'Rowleyanus'  

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