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Vines and Woody Plants

We are now carrying a selection of harder to find vines including Actinidia, Hydrangea, and Lonicera. Also on hand are a variety of woody plants.

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Vines: Akebia | Ampelopsis | Caryopteris | Clematis | Hydrangea | Lonicera | Wisteria
Woody Plants: Daphne | Rosa | Thuya



         quinata  1000cm. Excellent  foliage vine that grows rapidly.  Small clusters of purple flowers. Grow in average soil, part sun or shade. Hardy in a protected area. F: mid-summer. H: 15 feet.  

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         brevida 'Elegans' 305cm. Shiny metallic-blue berries.  Small green leaves with splashes of pink and white. Red stems. F: June. H: 120" (10').  

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         'Sunshine Blue' 70cm. Excellent, gold foliage is superior and hardier than 'Worcester Gold'. Holds its colour all summer. Rich, amethyst blue flowers in late summer. Cut back in the spring AFTER growth begins. Sun. H: 28".

        clandonensis 'Worcester Gold' 70cm. Light violet-blue flowers top the fragrant, golden foliage. Cut back to 15 cm in spring after growth begins.  Requires good drainage in winter. Attractive to butterflies. F: late Aug. H: 28

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         alpina 'Ruby' 250cm. Purple-pink, nodding flowers.  Early flowering form. Seed heads remain attractive through fall and winter. Sun, part-shade. F: May. H: 6'-8'.  

         alpina 'Stolwijk Gold' 200cm. Stunning, gold leaves in spring contrast with nodding, 2", bell-shaped, aquamarine-blue flowers. Late June. Sun, part-shade. Seed heads remain attractive through fall and winter. H: 6'-8'.  

         heracleifolia 'China Purple' 100cm. Dark purple, tubular-shaped flowers. Herbaceous form. Non-climbing spreader. Sun. F: Aug. H: 39".  

         heracleifolia 'New Love' 76cm. Violet-blue, tubular shaped flowers.  Herbaceous form. Non-climbing spreader. Drought tolerant. Likes humus and rich, well-drained soil. Tends to sprawl in partial shade. F: Aug. H: 30".  

         macropetela 'Maidwell Hall' 300cm. Deep blue. Full sun. F: May. H: 8'-10'. Seed heads remain attractive through fall and winter. Sun, part-shade.  

         tangutica 'Engelina' 225cm. Charming flowers are yellow on the inside and brushed with plum-red on the outside. Round buds open to nodding flowers over a long bloom period. Long lasting seed heads. Late summer. Vigorous grower can tolerate shade. Syn. 'My Angel' H: 6-9 feet. {New}

         tangutica 'Golden Harvest' 400cm. Yellow. Vigorous grower.  A handsome climber with masses of pendulous, lantern-like flowers that bloom from late summer into the fall. Blooms are followed by showy, silvery seed heads that persist well into winter. Sun, part-shade. H: 15'.  

         tangutica 'Golden Tiara' 400cm. Golden yellow flowers face outward instead of downward. Blackish-purple stamens. Strong grower, very hardy. Sun, part-shade. F: late summer . H: 15' .  

         X 'Sapphire Indigo' 100cm. Long blooming, with masses of large, sapphire blue flowers. Can be trained as a climber or grown as a groundcover with no support. Sun. H: 3-4 feet. {New}

         X 'The President' 300cm. Deep purple flowers are 6-8" in diameter. Flowers in spring and late summer. Cut back in late winter. H: 8-10'.  

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         petiolaris  300cm. The aristocrat of vines. Elegant, slow growing, self-clinging and long-lived vine. Tolerates full shade. Produces spectacular, creamy white blossoms when mature. Dark shade to part sun.  

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         sempervirens 'Major Wheeler' 150cm. The sweetly scented, tubular, red flowers of this native attract hummingbirds. Free-flowering, repeat bloomer with excellent mildew resistance. Flowers are followed by bright red fruit. Requires support. Full sun. H: 5'-6'.  

         X 'Dropmore Scarlet' 500cm. Orange-scarlet. Long trumpet flowers on a vigorous woody climber. Sun. F: summer. H: 16'.  

         X 'Yellow Net' 200cm. White. Fragrant flowers. May be grown on trellis or allowed to scramble as a groundcover. Hard prune every 2-3 years for bushy habit and best leaf display. Sun. F: early summer. H: 80".  

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         X 'Blue Moon' 900cm. Hardy to -40 C. Lavender-blue, foot-long, fragrant flowers. Fast growing and blooms 2-3 times a year. Full sun. Vigorous plant can grow 30' tall. Showy seed pods through the winter.  

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Woody Plants


         mezereum 'Rubra' 75cm. Small shrub that blooms in early April. Pink flowers are extremely fragrant.  Shade or Sun. Prefers a rich moist soil. H: 24-30".  

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         X 'Pink Knock Out' 95cm. Fragrant, light shell pink flowers. Blooms on and off all summer long. Disease and insect free. Sun, well-drained soil. Self-cleaning (no need to deadhead flowers). H: 36".  

         X 'Red Knock Out' 95cm. Fire engine red blooms in cool weather and cherry-red blooms in summer. Fragrant. Hybridized for its low maintenance and disease-resistant attributes. Compact. Sun and well-drained soil. Self-cleaning (no need to deadhead flowers). H: 36".  

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         filiformis  180cm. This cedar looks like a   cypress. Rapid growing mound of fine-textured foliage is extremely hardy and does not winter-burn. Zone 2. 6 X 6'.  

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