Currently under development for 2010

Curated by Mary Sue Rankin, Edward Day Gallery
Coordinated/sponsored by Paul Loiselle, Kiwi Gardens

Outdoor site-specific installations will be produced by Ted Fullerton, Rick Lapointe, Marianne Reim and more to come…

Kiwi Sculpture Garden Project 2008

The 2010 summer edition of the annual Kiwi Sculpture Garden Project marks the 9th anniversary of the Perth based site-specific sculpture project. For the past seven years artists have been invited by Edward Day Gallery owner, Mary Sue Rankin to create sculptural installations with the assistance and support of Paul Loiselle, owner of Kiwi Gardens.

Kiwi Gardens is imbedded in the heart of the Canadian shield. A working business, marketing perennial foliage and landscaping, it also contains acres of cultivated and undisturbed areas, wood lots, copses, and streams.

The ongoing theme expressed by the artists for the 2010 Kiwi Project relates specifically to the natural environment within which they are created, but also speak to global concerns of the alteration of the earth’s natural condition.

Territorial Bird

Ted Fullerton
The idea of distinctiveness has evolved within my work over the past few years, allowing consideration for the breadth of existentialist positions. Some of my musings that are based within this philosophical idea and that has include; is human nothing else but what we make of ourselves; and, being human is taking responsibility for what s/he is and, is being human/ humanity nothing more than what he/she is?

The sculpture, Knuckle Dragger is a direct result of those notions.

Watch the Birdie

Rick Lapointe
My background in fine woodworking led me to blacksmithing, blacksmithing led me to art. Many of the rules of woodworking apply to metalworking – the joinery, the math, the design principles – but steel is malleable, whereas wood isn’t. The way you can physically push & move metal captivated me.

The idea that welding is an industrial process and therefore obliged to produce industrial forms is often the case when viewers consider metal sculpture however I like to improvise with steel. By using manufactured steel parts in an abstract way, I have created an expressionist assemblage exploring the unpredictable principles of deconstruction, accident, and balance, demonstrating the inevitable outcome of order.l

Watch the Birdie

Marianne Reim
The specific forms of my work float on the surface of a well of memory.  I create discreet objects, objects in series and installation.

My preferred material is steel.  In my constructions the material wears its identity through rough-cut edges, visible welds and an undisguised slabness.  I may combine them with wire, glass, stone, text and miscellaneous findings.

By cutting, burning and welding, experience, memory and emotion are melded into steel.

The selected artists for 2010 include:

  • Ted Fullerton
  • Rick Lapointe
  • Marianne Reim

The 2010 Kiwi Sculpture Garden artists offer a range of material including bronze, steel, concrete, found objects, photo and textile based pieces, and land art.  The Kiwi Sculpture Project is a testament to the willingness of artists to place their work in an alternative setting, and a testament to the proprietor who enthusiastically assists in that process.

For more information, contact Mary Sue Rankin or Mr. Kelly McCray
at 416 921-6540 or

The Kiwi Gardens are located at
687 Harper Road
Perth ON K7H 3C9
613 267-7384